This is my second year ordering our holiday card from Simply To Impress.  I use Shutterfly for EVERYTHING else (calendars, books, prints, and ornaments) but I wanted to try something new for our holiday card.  Simply To Impress had better prices when I first started looking last year and now I plan on using them every holiday season to enjoy those returning customer perks.

*Simply To Impress is not compensating me to say nice things about them although I would not be mad if they wanted to start a relationship with Drama Happens.*

We asked The Father to take a few family photos (thanks again Dad!) for our holiday card but between camera-shy McKenna and The Wee One being well, a baby, most of our photos didn’t turn out the way we had envisioned.  We ended up using something totally random that we took on a whim instead of any of these but I am grateful to have the family portraits just the same.  The Wee One is growing so fast, I want to remember each phase!

What is McKenna doing in this photo??


The Wee One is looking down and Kenna is looking away!


The Wee One is mesmerized by the ceiling and we just look awkward on the steps.  And The Father’s jacket hanging on the chair behind us bugs me.


You can barely see The Wee One’s face and my (adorable) hat is covering my eyes.


McKenna is staring at us because we told her she could have a treat (pretty sure that was my dumb idea in attempts to get her to sit) and The Scottish’s eyes are closed.


Oh hey, there’s my face!  But where is The Wee One and of course Kenna is looking back at us, (sigh).


The photo below is the best one from the day and when cropped it looks pretty good.  However, we ended up going with a photo sans sweet McKenna.

Holday Photo

I’ll share our card closer to Christmas.  Have a fantastic weekend everybody!  Hope you get to do something holiday-related whatever holiday you celebrate!

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