In one of our recent Beyond Newborn classes, we discussed our babies’ temperaments and personality traits.  I found it intriguing to look at each different category and decide which parent The Wee One acted most like.  I’ve come to the conclusion that The Wee One is an awesome mix of The Scottish and I which is really neat.  We will see how his personality develops as he gets older, but for now, I thought I’d share where he is in these major categories.  (Our analysis of The Wee One is in bold.)

Sensitivity: The amount of stimulation (lights, sounds, touch) needed to produce a reaction in your infant.

Much stimulation needed     Medium     Little stimulation needed

The Wee One loves to soak up the world with his senses.  He stares at ceilings, people’s faces, the TV, cell phones, and anything shiny.  He is easily distracted and mesmerized by one of his toys whether it be by the sound or texture. He loves music, and watching me make up actions to songs.  The Wee One becomes giddy when i start to sing the first few lines of a favorite song.  He definitely knows what’s coming, it’s adorable.

Hello activity mat and LOTS of stimulation.


General Activity: Your infant’s level of physical activity (moving, kicking, waving arms) when sleeping, crying, lying in the crib, or reacting to child care procedures (diapering, dressing, bathing, feeding).

Low     Moderate     High

The Wee One is very active. He loves kicking his legs, touching his toes, rolling, waving his arms around, grabbing at his bottle (or my boob) and screeching at the top of his lungs.  He is extremely excitable and most of the time his activity level is a positive reaction to something that makes him happy, but when he’s upset he is just as active.

General Intensity: The intensity of your infant’s expression of likes and dislikes in reaction to feedings, people, toys, or child care procedures.

Mild     Moderate     Intense

The Wee One tells us what he likes at every opportunity.  He tells us when a bottle of milk doesn’t taste quite right, when he has rolled onto his arm and can’t seem to get it out, when he has a tummy ache and needs a big burp, etc.

His screaming and screeching is also a good indicator of his intensity.  I like to think he gets his passionate/intense side from me.  I’m very opinionated too, and not afraid to speak my mind or ask for what I want in life.

Frustration Tolerance: The length of time your infant will keep at an activity (grasping objects, watching, eating).

Long periods     Variable     Short periods

For The Wee One’s frustration tolerance, it all depends on the activity.  He can eat and people watch for long periods of time but he can get pretty frustrated when he is tired, when he gets hungry, or when he notices that mommy is walking away from him.

He craves interaction and loves to be held even while exploring a new toy.  Obviously we have to set him down at certain points of the day but he always lets me know when he starts to get annoyed.

This face says, “No more photos Mom and Dad!  Also, can I get some pants??”


Adaptability: The speed with which the infant adjusts to novelties, changes, transitions, or child care procedures.

Fast adjusting     Variable     Slow adjusting

The Wee One’s best baby trait is his adaptability.  He gets this from his father because I do NOT adjust well to change.  But The Scottish and The Wee One accept new things easily.  From a new brand of bottle to a new bedtime to napping in the crib one day and the car the next day,The Wee One doesn’t seem to fight it.  While he thrives on routine like most babies, he does not need it to stay content.

Regularity: The consistency in the pattern of your infant’s hunger, sleep, and activity cycles.

Fairly Regular     Variable     Fairly irregular

Like I just said The Wee One loves a good routine and is usually pretty predictable with feedings and sleep.  Some nights he wakes up more than others, but if you look at his journey of sleep over the past few months, the arc shows he is a good sleeper.  He’s also consistent with his naps, and how often he gets hungry in a day.

In this regard, he is like me because he responds well to a schedule, and coupled with his go with the flow attitude from The Scottish, he’s the best combination of the both of us.

Soothability: How easily your infant can be distracted or calmed when fussing or crying.

Easily and quickly calmed     Variable     Hard or slow to calm

This all depends on the day and the situation.  If he doesn’t feel well, he’s hard to soothe, if he’s over-tired, he’s hard to soothe, but most of the time a mommy hug or a smile from daddy is all it takes to calm him down.

We have come to find our little guy is a real charmer.  He loves to give big cheeky grins to anyone he meets.  🙂


So that’s The Wee One in a nutshell!  I’ll be glad to have this when he gets older as well as to compare to other children down the line.  What if you scored yourself based on these categories?  How would you fare?

I’d be little stimulation needed, low activity, high intensity, easily frustrated, not very adaptable, but very regular, and hard to calm down.  Haha, I’m such a catch.  (She said sarcastically.)

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  1. Kelly G

    I loved seeing/hearing him on Sunday. He was so cute!! He was an angel up there on stage 😉


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