This year our Christmas will be extra special because it will be The Wee One’s FIRST Christmas!  🙂  This also means it is the start of many new traditions, like visiting Santa!

The Mother said she took us for a few years when my siblings and I were really young but didn’t continue the tradition long enough for us to solidly remember it.  That said, I do have wonderful memories of seeing Santa every year because we had a Santa Claus visit us at my Grandma and Grandpa’s home in North Dakota.  I can still vividly picture the way he looked, how his voiced sounded, and the smell of his cologne.  Santa would give everyone in the family a gift, adults and children, and we loved helping him pass out the presents.

I eventually figured out that Santa wasn’t real, but it was decades before I noticed that Grandpa F used to sneak out of the house every Christmas Eve because he was dressing up as Jolly Old St.Nick for another family (their Grandpa was coming to us!).

Since I’m such a fan of the Mall of America (most Minnesotans are over it but we just moved back so I love it) I decided it would be the perfect place for The Wee One’s first Santa experience.  This year we went on December 1st and we were the first ones in line after his dinner break.  Early December seems to be the perfect time to go.

Here’s the big print we purchased.  We had trouble decided between this one with Santa pointing and another one with Santa kissing his forehead.  I’m dying from the cuteness.

MOA Santa

The photographer did a great job taking many different shots from different angles.  The whole set up at the MOA is beautiful and efficient. They have a kiosk where you sign in with your child’s name, age, what they want for Christmas, and if they’ve been naughty or nice.  It wasn’t necessary for our wee one but seems like a great idea for older children.

Watching him just stare at Santa, I swear my heart melted into a million pieces.

This past Sunday, The Wee One got a second Santa surprise when Santa showed up at my parent’s church to say hi to all the children after the service.


He was also one of two baby Jesus’ in the nativity play and he did a fantastic job.  I very impressed with his acting ability!  My little performer. 🙂


Awww!!  Aren’t they cute? Do you remember meeting Santa when you were younger?

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