Today The Wee One turns five months old!  Let’s stop for a minute and ponder the fact that Christmas is literally around the corner.  Where has the holiday season gone?!?  I love this time of year, my days are spent eating baking cookies, planning family and friend events, and shopping or making gifts.  Not too shabby!  But back to The Wee One…

Biggest Struggles This Month:

it’s a tie between teething and getting back to sleep in the middle of the night (baby)

middle of the night wake-ups (mom)

middle of the night wake-ups (dad)

Biggest Accomplishments This Month:

tummy sleeping (baby)

getting on a feeding schedule (mom)

adapting to the new (lack of) sleep routine (dad)

It sounds contradictory that sleep was both The Wee One’s biggest struggle and his biggest accomplishment this month, but a lot can change in 30 or so days when it comes to babies.  We’re really happy that The Wee One has figured out how to fall asleep by himself, without rocking or shushing for both naps and bedtime.  I mentioned before that we were transitioning to this but now we are officially there.  The Wee One will sleep in our arms when we’re out and about but he much prefers to put himself to sleep on his stomach.  And we’ve found that when he sleeps on his stomach he sleeps better and longer.

Unfortunately, with any transition comes the good and the bad.  The reason the middle of the night wakings have been so frequent and long (sometimes it takes over an hour to get him back asleep) is because while he can get down for that first chunk of sleep, he is still figuring out how to fall back asleep after he wakes up. Each night is different but the two worst times seem to be around the 11 PM and 2 AM marks.  He wakes up on his tummy seemingly annoyed which means we have to go in and pop his pacifier back in, rub his back, pat his butt, and sometimes hold him, etc.

Additionally, the stressful part about infants sleeping on their tummy is the fear surrounding SIDS and how often you’re told “back is best” in the beginning.  Well, the pediatrician told us that once they start putting themselves on their stomachs to sleep, they can stay there.  Since he kept rolling to his tummy anyway, we quickly figured out it was best to start him on it.  But I didn’t sleep much those first few weeks, I was constantly staring at the video monitor trying to make out where his head and nose were to make sure he had uninterrupted breathing.  Then I would go in to check on him even if he wasn’t crying.  The Scottish helped remind me that he was OK and we’ve gotten used to it now.

The Wee One is turning into this fun, goofy, charismatic, chatty little man and I feel more and more smitten every day.  Here are the pictures from this month’s photo shoot.  The book is called “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!” and it’s actually the book that made Mo Willems famous.

Month Stats



Other fun milestones include standing and playing in his jumper toy, sitting unassisted in his Bumbo floor seat, and responding to Mommy and Daddy’s voices by turning in our direction.  He continues to love music and listening to us sing.  His favorite songs include Itsy Bitsy Spider, London Bridge is Falling Down, and Tick Tock, a song that includes actions that make him giggle uncontrollably.  His laugh is seriously contagious and extremely addicting.  The Scottish and I will do anything to get him going including laughing outrageously ourselves, making silly sounds, and singing complete nonsense.




Finally, just this past week, he first teeth have started to pop through on the bottom, one more so than the other.  The Scottish noticed a week ago and afterwards I could hardly contain myself with excitement.  I had NO idea I would react this way but I wanted to simultaneously laugh and cry with joy.  Every morning since then I’ve looked in his mouth anticipating at least one full tooth to have arrived but it’s still just only the top part.  I can feel how sharp they are with my finger and I’ve been rubbing on his gums when he seems to be in pain.  Luckily, he’s only been marginally fussier than usual, but we’re also attributing the most recent middle of the night wake-ups to these new teeth coming in.

This is the best photo we could capture but if you look closely you can see the blurry beginnings of little white teeth!




I can’t believe he’ll be a half year old at his next update!  🙂

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  1. Caroline

    Aw, bless The Wee One!
    Whenever he’s in pictures with you, I think he looks so much like The Scottish, then in pics with the Scottish, I can see you!
    Very cute indeed! 🙂


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