Merry belated Christmas to those of you who celebrate it!!  We are currently in Bismarck, North Dakota visiting family.  We’re still not sure what or if we’ll do anything on NYE but being that we have a little one this year, it probably won’t be very exciting whatever it is.  And we’re OK with that.  Going to bed early is still one of our favorite activities these days.

Christmas in particular is tricky once you have children because you have to decide how you want to do gifts, if you want to keep the Santa magic alive, and what other fun traditions you want to incorporate.  If you’re like us, you also have to juggle the real meaning of the holiday versus all the commercialism.

The Wee One is young enough that we can try a few traditions out this year and decide later if we want to keep them around for next year.  For now I imagine we will visit Santa (like we did this year) and perhaps put out cookies for him to nibble on, but we won’t stress the naughty vs nice theme or the fact that he’s always watching them.  We won’t tell our kids that Santa can bring them whatever they want and we’ll keep up the ruse with vague terms instead of specifics about the North Pole and his sleigh and coming through the chimney, etc.

When my siblings and I were little, Santa always seemed to know to come a few days BEFORE Christmas because The Mother wanted us to open up our stocking stuffers on the long car ride to North Dakota.  We never, ever questioned it.  Isn’t that bizarre?

The Mother and The Father really set a precedence for us when we were younger by not giving us anything big at Christmas time.  The Mother felt that we received plenty of items throughout the year and we never felt deprived.  She didn’t want to start a habit of spending a lot at Christmas time and was especially grateful for this as she ended up with three kids.

Consequently, one big decision The Scottish and I have made is to gift our child(ren) one relatively large present each and then buy reasonably priced stocking stuffers to put in their stocking from Santa.  This is intentional and not just because we are doing Christmas on a very tight budget this year, but because we want to maintain a sense of modesty when it comes to giving our child(ren) toys.  It’s so easy to get into the habit of over-spending at the holidays.  As our child(ren) get older, I want to make a practice of donating their older toys to kids in need in the community as well as having them help pick out and buy toys to give other children through our church or giving trees, etc.  I want them to be involved in service work and aware of the world outside of themselves.

I realize it’s all good in theory and harder to maintain in real life!  But that’s what we’re thinking for now.

The Wee One received his gift from Mommy and Daddy earlier this month because it’s only good from 4 months to 25 lbs and we wanted the most use out of it possible!  It’s a Baby Einstein Jumper and I love all its features and colors.

Christmas gift from Mom and Dad

He loves playing in it but gets tired after about ten minutes! He’s still so little.  🙂


On a humorous note, as someone who loathes wrapping with a passion I’m SUPER impressed with myself for avoiding it entirely this year.  That’s right, I haven’t wrapped a single gift thanks to family members and my husband wrapping a few items for me, ordering things online and having them sent to their location, gift cards, and not wrapping stocking stuffers at all.  Whoo-hoo!

I hope you are all enjoying some much-needed time away from work (and regularly scheduled life) with your family and friends.  I know the holidays can be a sad time for some people but I wish you all warmth and happiness during these winter months.

I’ll be taking a week off from Drama Happens but I’ll be back on January 5th.  Until then!

Happy Holidays Everyone!  Thank you all for reading DH, thank you for the lovely and insightful comments, and thank you for following my relationships and stories! I love sharing this writing space with you guys.




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  1. Kelly G

    I think that’s a good idea, one larger present and stocking stuffers. Hope you can keep it up, esp if you end up having more little ones! Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!


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