Hi friends!!!  How is everyone doing?  It feels like I’ve been away for decades but it’s only been a week. Bizarre right?  So much has happened that I have no idea where to start.  Bullet points seem like a concise way to share my update, and they’re about all the writing energy I can muster.  I’m currently feeling those depressive Sunday Night Blues and now that the holiday season is over, I want to hibernate until spring.  What is the point of life without friends and family parties and celebrations?!?!?  WOE IS ME.  I kid.  Kind of.

I feel a 2015 goals post bubbling in my gut but to start off the new year I have a recap of my most recent major events.

  • We spent Christmas in North Dakota, and it was a fun trip with family but also a bit sad because my Grandma J fell and hurt herself right before the holiday.  The good news is she is tough and on the road to a full recovery!  Since it was The Wee One’s first Christmas, we took a billion adorable pictures.  More to come in an upcoming post!


  • I saw Into the Woods with Cousin Jo and Auntie B.  It was amazing and not just because it’s my first trip to the movies since before The Wee One was born.  I was in the show twice during my musical theatre days (high school and college) and while I thought they were missing some of the drama, high stakes, and diversity in casting, overall, I loved it.  Sondheim’s music is brilliant and my favorite actors were Meryl Streep and Emily Blunt.  I’m passing on Anna Kendrick, she was waaay too contemporary and boring for this show.
  • The Wee One experienced his first cold.  Saddest thing ever!  He basically slept in my arms all day last Tuesday (not complaining) feeling absolutely miserable.  It can be so difficult to tell what is hurting your baby and many people suggested teething but I’m pretty certain he had a cold which he then gave to me.  🙂  His symptoms were fever, extra fussiness, crying, and congestion.  I kept thinking ear infection but then he improved so much the next day it didn’t make sense.  Then as of two nights ago, we are thinking he is teething again.  He is gnawing on everything, has a runny nose, swollen gums, and is super crabby.  Oh and he’s not sleeping well!  Ugh.  I assume there will be more updates on this in the future.  It’s so heartbreaking to know he’s in pain.
  • Some girlfriends and I threw a surprise baby shower for one of my really good friends from high school! She was SO shocked.  It was a big success.  She’s also having a boy (second one in from the left)!


  • We rang in the New Year with an impromptu dinner party at our house.   It was relaxing and fun and the cops even showed up so I’d say it was a successful evening.  😉  (The cops showed up because my sister’s car is a lookalike to one that had been involved in a robbery.)
  • Just this past Saturday we celebrated Christmas with my immediate family and my parents and I shared hosting duties.  The day started with a sibling lunch for myself, The Sister, and The Glue, followed by opening presents and playing with all of our toys (no seriously The Mother and The Father bought us all TOYS!), fondue for dinner, and games and puzzles to close out the night.  It was a perfect day and I LOVED having my home bustling with family.


  • The Wee One got baptized!  It made me so much more emotional that I anticipated and after months of searching for (and not finding) a new church, I’m really happy we decided to baptize him at my parent’s church.  It’s right where we were supposed to be.


So that’s my holiday recap!  Goodbye 2014, hello 2015.  It’s time to get focused on all the good things that come with a fresh start and let go of old habits, worries, and stresses.

I hope you all had your own memorable celebrations!

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4 Responses to “Back to Blog Holiday Recap”

  1. Katherine

    Happy New Year Stephanie! It sounds like you’ve had a wonderful and busy Christmas. The Wee One looks adorable in his baptism photo- it must’ve been really special getting him baptized at your psrents’ church. Hope your little guy is giving you some more sleep at the moment!

    • Stephanie

      Happy New Year!! Aww thank you, it was a special day! He is actually getting better at night, just in the last few days actually! Thank you. 🙂

  2. Kelly G

    His smile is contagious! he’s such a happy baby, sounds like Christmas was a success and baptism yesterday as well 🙂


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