I have SO many adorable photos of my little guy from these past few weeks that I decided to fill an entire post of The Wee One’s holiday adventures.  I thought it would be more fun if The Wee One himself explained the photos from his point of view.  😉 

After a long 8 hour drive to Bismarck, ND, I was ready to stretch and hang out with my family.  Great Grandma J gave me a new toy which Mommy promptly shoved in my mouth.  Now I chew on that caterpillar all the time.


On Christmas Eve I wore a onesie with my name on it that Grandma and Grandpa Scottish bought for me when I was visiting Scotland.  (We got to Skype with them the weekend after Christmas. I miss them a lot!)

Everyone kept giving me paper covered boxes and they would laugh and clap when I tore them apart so I kept doing it! Grandma MN bought me an old-fashioned boombox because she refuses to learn any new technology and wants an easy way to put music on for her and I to dance to.  Grandma and I love music!!


Then Mommy dressed me up as in a reindeer costume and put lipstick on my nose and we danced around to “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.”  I’m such a good sport.


After I got into my pajamas we all sang Christmas carols by the Christmas tree.  Well, I didn’t sing because I don’t know the words yet but I liked watching everyone else!


The next day we visited my Great Grandpa F in the memory care facility (nursing home for people with Alzheimer’s) and it melted everyone’s hearts to see us together in our similar buttoned-up collared shirts.  He and Great Grandma were so happy to have me there and that made me happy!



The next day we visited Grandpa MN’s sister, my Great Aunt K, and Mommy’s cousins.  It was fun to meet all of them!



On January 3rd we hosted Mommy’s immediate family for a belated Christmas at our house.   Auntie Tape and Uncle Glue got me this hilarious doggie that sings and lights up!  The real dogs were also interested in it but I didn’t mind.



Auntie Teach (The Sister) bought me a Santa suit to wear.  I looked cute (as usual) but I’m starting to wonder why everyone keeps dressing me up in costume!



And just for fun, because I love Daddy’s photos, here is are two beautiful shots of McKenna and Auntie Tape’s little girl Sophie.



Finally, Mommy promised to share our holiday card with you guys and she apologizes for the delay but she also said, better late than never!  Mommy and Daddy picked this one because they thought the close-up was a nice change from the typical standing and taken from afar type pictures.  I hope you enjoyed my blog post!


The Wee One

holiday card 2014


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