I mentioned previously in my holiday recap post that The Wee One was baptized in early January at my parent’s community church.  I wanted to share a bit more about the experience and how we made it our own.


First off, I don’t really ascribe to the belief of Godparents.  The Mother and The Father had all three of us baptized when we were babies but instead of naming Godparents, they “gave us” to their church at the time, so I grew up without the traditional Godparent relationship.  While I respect and understand the sentiment, I believe The Scottish and I are responsible for The Wee One’s spiritual journey, not our siblings, parents, or friends.  Additionally, many times it seems that Godparents are named without any regard for that person’s religious background which makes zero sense to me.  Finally, our situation is a bit unique being that The Scottish is a non-believer so to speak.  I knew I had to come up with a better fitting idea than a Godmother or Godfather.

A concept that does ring true for me is the “it takes a village” to raise a child mentality because I firmly believe you can never surround your kid with TOO much love.  We really enjoy spending time with family and friends and frankly, we’ll accept all the help we can get!  This is how I came up with the idea of Support Parents.  Support Parents have two jobs, 1) they support the parents in raising and caring for the child in both good times and bad, and 2) they support the child as another trustworthy adult who is there for them no matter what.

Because I essentially made up the role of a Support Parent, I decided we could ask more than the typical two people that are normally chosen as Godparents.  After discussing it with The Scottish, we asked all of our siblings and their partners to be our Support Parents.  Everyone happily accepted and any other future children will be supported in the same manner.

The Wee One was baptized surrounded by The Scottish and myself, Auntie Teach and Uncle Backpack (my sister and her husband), Auntie Tape and Uncle Glue (my brother and his fiancé), and Auntie Lass and Uncle Chappie (The Scottish’s sister and her husband) who were there in spirit.  Obviously, Auntie Lass and Uncle Chappie couldn’t make it over from Scotland.  My apologies for the confusing name changes but it sounds weird calling everyone by their old blog names when referring to how they relate to The Wee One.  I imagine I will continue to use both depending on the context.


The baptism was emotional for me, but yes, WHAT ISN’T a super emotional moment for me these days??  🙂  I didn’t realize how important it was for me that The Wee One be baptized until it actually happened.  I’m incredibly grateful that we were in a community church with an interim Pastor who allowed me to shape the ritual to my liking.  I asked for The Scottish’s approval as well since I wanted to make him feel as comfortable as possible. To be honest, I don’t even remember what a traditional baptism sounds like but similarly to writing your own wedding vows, I knew that writing our own baptism prompts would help both of us connect more to the ceremony.



Do you promise to love and care for The Wee One all the days of your life?  We do.

Do you promise to raise him in a household that loves God but that also encourages free thinking and individuality?  We do.

Do you promise to give him lots of hugs and life advice whether he likes it or not?  We do.

Support Parents:

Do you promise to support Stephanie and The Scottish as they parent The Wee One?  We do.

Do you promise to encourage, guide, and support The Wee One in spiritual, emotional, and intellectual moments?  We do.

Do you promise to give him lots of hugs and life advice whether he likes it or not?  We do.


The Mother and The Father bought a cake to share with the congregation after church.  We chose to have it say, baby’s full name and “Child of God” underneath.



It was also The Wee One’s first experience wearing shoes out in public!  So exciting!  And isn’t he cute in this picture with his roomie Cousin Jo?


Were you baptized as a child and did you/do you plan on baptizing your child(ren)?

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4 Responses to “Child of God”

  1. Kelly G

    SORRY my head got in the way, I asked your mom if she wanted me to get up! 😉 I loved the idea of support parents, and you’re right- it seems parents dont actually think of the ‘god parent’s’ spirituality before choosing these days… It was a beautiful ceremony and yummy cake!

  2. Margy

    Love that idea of “Support Parents”! I was raised Catholic and even though I’m not practicing, I want my kid(s) baptized. I somehow have it drilled in my head that they’ll go to hell if they’re not baptized. Do I really believe that? No, but it’s totally ingrained. 😉

    • Stephanie

      I know, it’s so funny what we keep/remember from childhood! It meant so much more to me than I thought it would to get The Wee One baptized!



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