Hello lovely readers!  Did you notice my absence yesterday?  I was not able to post as scheduled on Monday because I had a busy week, a busier weekend, and not enough time to prepare a quality blog post.  Technically, this minor change shouldn’t warrant an apology but to those loyal readers out there, I am sorry.  I like to be reliable!

Blogging on a regular schedule has always been good for me, both mentally and emotionally.  It helps me stay connected to Drama Happens and to my readers.  This might not make sense then, but I believe it’s time to let go of my schedule.  I guess I’m still working on finding the right balance between living my life and documenting my life.  My day-to-day routine is always changing and my priorities right now are spending time with The Wee One, family, and friends.  Being in relationship with others is taking precedence over blogging about those relationships.

I know it’s sort of melodramatic when bloggers talk about how they’re in a funk, but hey, it happens!  Maybe it’s the winter season?  Or feeling like I’m in a rut after blogging for so many years?  A lack of variety in writing ideas?  Whatever the reason, it’s time to shake things up a bit and eliminate my schedule.

I’m feeling restless and in a creative slump.  I need a jump start in a new direction whether that be in writing or something else that feeds my artistic side.  Thus, I’ll be blogging when I can, and when I feel inspired to instead of feeling like I have to write three posts a week.  Though I promise to never just fall off the face of the earth.  🙂

Enough shop talk; I had a wonderful weekend!  My former boss and my nanny kiddos were in town visiting and we had a great time hanging out, playing games, devouring delicious Cuban food, laughing, and cuddling The Wee One.  I am so grateful we still have such a close-knit relationship even though we don’t get to see each other as often as we used to.

Before I read the pigeon books to The Wee One, I used to read them to Littlest C and Big C.




Such happiness!  I’m so thankful for all my babies, blood related and otherwise.

PS Does anyone else play the game Ticket to Ride??  It’s SO fun.  Highly recommend.

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4 Responses to “Oops, It’s Not Monday”

  1. Anita

    The Wee One is adorable as usual!! And I’m going to miss seeing the regular post, but understand why the schedule needs to go out the window. I hope you get your creative juices flowing in other ways!! Maybe another audition or two?? You can do it!!

    • Stephanie

      I actually have another audition coming up.. we shall see what happens! Thanks for understanding! I still have lots of post ideas swimming in my head, so that’s encouraging! 🙂


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