Yesterday was The Wee One’s half birthday and what a day it was!  It started with him waking up earlier than normal, followed by his six month doctor visit complete with five shots.

Isn’t this the saddest picture ever?!?  The Wee One cried during his shots but was a trooper the rest of the day.

6 month shots

After a quick 10 minute nap on the ride home from his appointment, I nursed him and we got back in the car to visit Grandma MN at her elementary school.  I left with extra time so I could drive around while he slept, alas, he did NOT fall back asleep in the car and I wasted gas for no reason.  Despite being extremely over-tired The Wee One was a superstar at Grandma’s school, the teachers and students alike were enamored with him and he was so cute smiling at everyone and making silly sounds.

Grandma's School

He ended up fighting sleep again when we got home (after another 10 minute snooze in the car), but finally after a crazy 6.5 hours of being awake, he took a nap!  For a whopping 30 minutes.  *Face palm*  I won’t go on, but let’s just say the rest of the day was more of the same.


Don’t you just love a baby in a puffy vest?!?

I can’t believe it’s been six months since I gave birth to The Wee One!!  Each month it feels like he gains a million new skills, and this month is no exception.  The Wee One started last month with terrible sleep habits and frequent night wakings but he is ending the month majorly improved.  A good night consists of him sleeping 7 to 7 with The Wee One putting himself back to sleep about 50% of the time if he wakes up crying.  His position of choice?  Sleeping with his butt in the air.  It’s adorable!

He’s recently added “sitting on his own” to his list of new developments.  Sure, it’s only about three seconds before he he topples over but it’s still unassisted!  The pediatrician calls this position “the tripod.”


The Wee One is exploring the world around him by rolling, reaching, spinning and squirming more than usual when he’s on the ground.  When he’s being held, he is a great observer of the world and very curious, listening intently to those around him and keeping tabs on where everyone is in the room.  While getting his diaper changed, The Wee One is grabbing his toes and trying to eat them.

His still loves to shriek when he’s happy but his new favorite sound is a back of the throat cough-grunt.  It’s hysterical.  He’s also learned that he gets fed when I say and make the sign for, “milk,” which causes him to whine in anticipation.

An exciting moment this past month was starting solid foods!  It seems The Wee One will be a cautious eater who takes his time adjusting to new flavors and textures.  We started with vegetable purees and so far he has enjoyed squash, green beans, and sweet potatoes.  For his six month birthday we gave him real banana pieces to eat but he was not interested in the least, most likely due to being over-tired.  We can’t wait to see more ridiculous faces as The Wee One experiences more new foods!

Biggest Accomplishments This Month:

developments- mentally and physically (baby)

starting sign language (mom)

reading cues (dad)

Biggest Struggles This Month:

winding down for naps (baby)

first night away (mom)

balancing work and home life (dad)

The book this month is called “The Duckling Gets a Cookie!?” and unfortunately, it’s the last book in this pigeon series so I’m in the market for something new for the final six months of The Wee One’s first year!

Month Stats


This was probably my favorite photo shoot because I got to eat the cookies afterwards!!



As The Wee One grows I am continually amazed and humbled by his emerging personality and at the same time I mourn each passing phase as it will never come again.  I can already see how kind, loving, sweet, and smart he will become.  These past six months have been a fantastic adventure and one of the best times of my life.  I couldn’t be more grateful for my beautiful son with his deep, contagious laugh and his heart-warming smile.



(Just ignore the scratch he gave himself earlier this week!  I love that too, haha!)


I’m so blessed to have these two guys in my life.  #scottishsandwich

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