Guess what?  I have a recipe to share today.  I know what you’re all thinking, “But you hate cooking Stephanie!”  You would be correct!  For the most part I am basic cook who does what she has to feed her family.  Nothing fancy over here folks.  And I certainly don’t spend hours on one meal or take artistic photographs of my food to share on my blog.

Well, all that changes today.  And while this may never happen again and my recipe series may die a fast and painless death after this post, for now, it’s alive and kicking.

Welcome to my sub par kitchen.  It’s good to have you here.  What did you bring to eat?  Kidding! (Sort of.)

First off, I need to dedicate this post to my former nanny boss. When she and my nanny kiddos were in town this past weekend, she showed me how to make Cuban beans and rice as well as Cuban vegetable soup.  I will not be sharing her recipe today because I am saving all the sofrito (sauce) she left us for Cuban beans and rice.  It’s so delicious!  However, I owe my interest in and execution of this soup dish to her visit.


Destroy-it-Yourself Vegetable Soup

Step One: Make your stock from scratch.  Chose a meat of your choice and let it simmer on low heat for a really long time until cooked through.

THIS IS NOT A JOKE.  I actually bought chicken drumsticks and boiled them to create a real chicken broth for my soup. Again, it was my nanny boss who inspired me with how simple it can be to make your own stock.  The idea is that you can use the meat for something else once the stock is made and I believe it is healthier as well, I’m not sure.  But it was ridiculously easy and I’m glad I tried it.


Step Two:  Take chicken out.  Put in all your chopped veggies.  Let them simmer covered for about 45 minutes or however long it takes to finish your baby’s bedtime routine and make sure they are sleeping.  Like any good stupid amateur chef, I chose a few foods I had never worked with before, because why not?  Our soup had turnips, potatoes, leeks, carrots, and celery.



Step Three: Season your soup.  It would be impossible for me to notate all the spices I used and how much of each.  I literally threw a TON of stuff in the pot.  Let me see if I can guess for the sake of this stellar recipe.  I used salt, pepper, crushed bay leaves, a mixture of something that included parsley, oregano, and a few other things, onion powder, fresh garlic, cumin, and a tiny amount of red pepper.


Step Four: Plate it (bowl it?) and take a blogworthy sad looking photo.


Step Five: Impress your partner.  The Scottish loved it!  Either he’s easy to please or I’m America’s next Top Chef.

Now that Drama Happens has a food feature, there’s no telling what I might write about next.  The world is a mysterious place folks.

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