This is one of those blogging prompt posts that someone I follow recently did, and I thought it was a fun read.  Here is a small slice of my life right now, hope you enjoy.

Making : Phone-date plans to connect up with a faraway friend.
Cooking : Tonight on the menu is (store-bought) breaded tilapia and rice.
Drinking : Starbucks vanilla latte from the grocery store.  It’s not quite as good as the original but it works.
Reading: Just finished Amy Poehler’s Yes Please.  I want to say I loved it because I love her, but it was only so-so.
Wanting: A second car, because I stupidly believe that one item will fix all of my first world problems.  (It won’t.)
Looking: At my son, who’s jumping in his jumper and smiling at me while I take some time to write.
Playing: The TV as background noise.
Wasting: Paper towels.  I have a problem.  I use them for everything.
Sewing: Haha!  Nothing!  Although one of The Wee One’s new shirts has a hole along the seam.  I’m thinking about sewing that up.
Wishing: That my nephew would come today because it’s his due date! (Wed. Jan. 28th)
Enjoying: My new, freeing, lack of a blogging schedule.  This post went live in the middle of the day, which feels super weird to me but I’m going with it.
Waiting: To finish both Scandal and Parenthood.
Liking: The way my engagement ring sparkles after it’s been cleaned.
Wondering: If my sister will go into labor tonight, tomorrow, or perhaps not until next week?!?!?  I’m feeling terribly impatient for the one who’s not pregnant…
Loving: The first nursing session of the day with The Wee One.  We just snuggle in bed half-asleep.
Hoping: We like the new bathtub we purchased for The Wee One on Amazon.
Marveling: At how it’s been one year since we moved to Minnesota!  Crazy!
Needing: A haircut, badly.
Smelling: My kid’s skin.  It’s intoxicatingly delicious.
Wearing: Skinny jeans, a boring shirt, and my house shoes (slippers).
Following: All these new movie trailers and wondering if I’ll make it to any of them in the theater.
Noticing: How much I don’t hate the winter weather this season… YET.
Knowing: It’s only a matter of time before that changes.
Thinking: About money, bills, tax returns, raises, part-time jobs, being a SAHM mom and all things in between.
Opening: My mind about what is sustainable for our family.
Giggling: At The Wee One’s faces when he tries a new food.
Feeling: #blessed when I take stock like this.

This is how I found McKenna after my shower the other day.  Adorable right?  She’s not usually allowed on the bed but we have invited her up to cuddle as a family recently and I guess she’s decided she has free rein now, haha.  For the record, she still doesn’t sleep with us, and that won’t be changing!  I had to throw The Wee One in there and snap a picture.  As The Scottish says, this is an extension of his “model pose.”


How would your list look right now?  Is your dog allowed to sleep in the bed??  What movie do you want to see?

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  1. Kelly G

    Yay for baby boy nephew, come soon! AWW pic is SOO adorbs! Yes we allow our cats to sleep w/ us and I don’t always enjoy it. Girl kitty curls up into a ball behind my knees under the covers but boy kitty likes to lay on my head!


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