Baby Tips That Work For Us

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story time in morning story time in morning

I firmly believe every baby is different and what works for some will not work for others.  But it’s always fun to hear what IS working for someone.  Here’s a few specific things that make our lives a little easier with our baby under one. Story time in the mornings.  I’ve discovered the best time of day for reading with The Wee One is right after he wakes up.  After I nurse him in our bed The Scottish heads to the shower and I grab a few board books for the little guy to eat read.  It’s Read more […]

Are You a Jerk or a Sweetheart?

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Scotland April 2012 055 Scotland April 2012 055

I was half watching this show the other day about random life facts when something grabbed my attention.  They were explaining how to tell if you’re a jerk or a sweetheart.  Well, I thought, I must find out!! First sign you’re a jerk?  You don’t think it’s AT ALL possible that you are one.  I was already doing well because it was something I had to contemplate for a minute.  Phew! A jerk is someone who kisses up to those above them (on the work or social life ladder) and looks down on Read more […]

The Wee One: Seven Months

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DSC05198 DSC05198

This month The Wee One became a mini toddler in my opinion.  He’s starting to show anger and frustration when he doesn’t get his way and he’s also whining and crying for attention, as opposed to when he was younger and he cried to get his needs (food, comfort, sleep, diaper change) met.  It’s weird but cute at the same time. He also likes to wave his arms up and down and back and forth when he’s excited or trying to make a point it seems.  We love to watch his little arms go!  His strength Read more […]

My Husband Makes Me Pee My Pants

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Nike outfit Nike outfit

To start off this little tale, I must explain how jumpy of a person I am.  Also, I’m afraid of the dark.  When I was little I used to speed-run up the stairs in my parent’s house because I was convinced there was a witch was chasing me after I turned off the lights.  I scare easily but I don’t like to be scared so you won’t find me in any haunted houses come October. You might not realize this but The Scottish is one scary dude.  Why, you ask?  The Scottish is a slender guy.  He’s light-footed, Read more […]

Red Baby Love

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DSC05160 DSC05160

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day everybody!!  From our family to yours.  🙂 Whether you are single or partnered, parent to a human or fur-baby, a friend, child, or sibling, this Hallmark holiday is all about RELATIONSHIPS and LOVE.  Everyone needs, wants, and gives love; what a lovely thing to celebrate! This year The Scottish and I waited until the last-minute to get each other anything so we decided to go to Target together!  First up, picking out each other’s Valentine’s cards, exchanging Read more […]

The Cuz Man: Newborn Photo Shoot

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download seven download seven

I’m still trying to decide how what I want to say about The Sister’s birth story and how it felt to watch something like that.  I need some time away from it all but I promise to get back to that at some point because it was definitely an AMAZING experience.  For now, I thought I’d share some adorable photos of my nephew taken at the hospital on his first day of life.  I’m super impressed with how good The Sister and The BIL look too, I swear The Scottish and I did NOT look this good after The Read more […]

Being Sick Bites

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We have a cold virus going through our family.  The Wee One seemed to catch it first and he’s now on antibiotics for a slight ear infection and slight pink eye.  It’s his first big cold (he’s only been sick one other time and it was only a quick 24 hours).  I’m anal and can spot conjunctivitis (pink eye) a mile away, so I’m pretty sure he only had that for about 4 hours total.  Poor thing is still coughing, has a bad diaper rash from his meds, and is a bit miserable at times but he’s on the mend! The Read more […]

The Tortoise Approach to Starting Solids

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DSC05084 DSC05084

The Wee One has been eating pureed baby food on and off for about a month and a half now.  We started purees after he turned 5 months and waited until he was six months before trying real chunks of food (of which we’ve had zero success so far) also known as Baby Led Weaning.  The two prerequisites for Baby Led Weaning are that the child be six months old and able to sit up unassisted.  Check and check! I debated for a while about which route we should take when it came to starting The Wee One Read more […]

The Cuz Man is here!

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DSC05000 DSC05000

My adorable nephew was born on Tuesday morning at 7:26 AM after a nice long labor because apparently that’s how us sisters roll.  🙂  I got to watch his birth and it was amazing!  And scary and beautiful and intense and traumatizing.  The Scottish is happy because watching The Sister give birth has squelched my dreamy thoughts of having a second kiddo in the near future, haha. He’s only minutes old in this photo! I have more to share but I’m still recovering from pulling an all-nighter Read more […]

Come on Nephew, We’re Ready to Meet You!

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sisters full term baby one sisters full term baby one

As of today The Sister is 40.5 weeks and still no sign of baby.  Well, that’s not entirely true, her body is preparing and has been for weeks now but it’s all just prodromal (early) labor contractions.  She feels good, too good to be so far along, and she looks even better. The Sister is all bump and while she misses being able to bend over, she is not at all miserable.  This is something I do not understand.  I was SO ready to give birth near the end of my pregnancy because I was SO Read more […]