As of today The Sister is 40.5 weeks and still no sign of baby.  Well, that’s not entirely true, her body is preparing and has been for weeks now but it’s all just prodromal (early) labor contractions.  She feels good, too good to be so far along, and she looks even better.

sister preggo

The Sister is all bump and while she misses being able to bend over, she is not at all miserable.  This is something I do not understand.  I was SO ready to give birth near the end of my pregnancy because I was SO uncomfortable!

I find it interesting comparing pregnancies in families, so let’s see where The Sister and I differed and where we were the same:

The Differences

I had no nausea, but The Sister had a typical upset tummy and general morning sickness (without the puking luckily) for most of her first trimester.  Even at this late in the game she has to be careful of how much and what she eats, whereas I could eat, and eat, and eat some more while I was pregnant.

I gained a lot of weight (see above), while The Sister has kept her weight gain confined mostly to her belly.  I measured 2 cm (fundal height) ahead at every appointment starting at 20 weeks and The Sister has measured spot on.

My worst symptom near the end was swollen and painful feet, hers is heartburn currently.  She takes Zantac for relief while I was able to manage my minimal heartburn with Tums. And her feet are slightly swollen but nothing like the scary beasts I had attached to my legs.

I had an anterior placenta which meant it took longer to feel baby moving and I felt less overall, plus I’m pretty sure our little guy wasn’t as active in the womb.  The Sister has a posterior placenta and a very active baby boy who moves a ton from what I’m told!

The Similarities

We’re both having boys!  🙂

I want to say we both carried low or we both carried high but every time I look at our bump pics I come to a different conclusion!  I’m too close to it and frankly, The Scottish was no help.  Compared to the millions of bumps out there, I’m going to say ours look pretty similar whatever they may be.  It’s all subjective anyway.  They say that women carry low if they’re having a boy, would you agree based on our pictures?  This is me at 39 weeks and The Sister at 40.5 weeks

sisters full term baby one

Additionally, we both made it to full term!  The Wee One was born at 39.5 weeks and I’m hoping The Cuz Man will be here before or around 41 weeks.

Yep, I’ve already given my little nephew his blog name even though he’s still in the womb.  Cuz is short for cousin, and I went this route because as more cousins are born, we can create new names that fit the theme, such as The Cuz Girl, The Cuz Baby, The Cuz Guy, etc.

Speaking of names, we both found the responsibility of naming a child to be one of the hardest parts of pregnancy!

Overall, both The Sister and I were blessed to have very healthy and relatively easy pregnancies.  As we’ve neared and now passed her due date I’ve been thinking a lot about my own recent labor and birth experience.  It’s amazing how rminimally I can think of it for months at a time but then suddenly it’s on my mind daily.  I remember the absolute jubilee I felt at meeting my son on that Tuesday at 3:45 AM but I also recall those painful contractions, stalling at 7 cm, labor puking (ullllhhh), and the crazy sharp pain and pressure during pushing.  It’s all pretty fresh, and I’m waiting for that birth amnesia everyone talks about to hit me!

With the end of her pregnancy around the corner I’m nervous again but for different reasons.  I’m an older sister, and I feel the need to protect my little sister from the icky parts of life but since the birth experience in all it’s discomfort and glory is inevitable for her, I just want to be there for support no matter what happens. Hopefully her labor is short and efficient!

This time around I have a 45 minute to an hour drive to get to the hospital and my own baby that is still needs to be by his mama.  I don’t have to experience labor and delivery but I will feel the anxiousness and helplessness of waiting.  I won’t have to worry about learning how to nurse, baby’s weight gain, or jaundice but I also won’t get newborn snuggles all day everyday.  I won’t be a mother this time around, but I will get the brand new title of Aunt and I’m absolutely thrilled about it.

Come on nephew!  Auntie S is ready to meet you and squeeze you and kiss you!!!!!

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