My adorable nephew was born on Tuesday morning at 7:26 AM after a nice long labor because apparently that’s how us sisters roll.  🙂  I got to watch his birth and it was amazing!  And scary and beautiful and intense and traumatizing.  The Scottish is happy because watching The Sister give birth has squelched my dreamy thoughts of having a second kiddo in the near future, haha.

He’s only minutes old in this photo!


I have more to share but I’m still recovering from pulling an all-nighter on Monday and from the following day of travel to visit them in the hospital.  Due to the snow, we had a miserable drive home with The Wee One that I never want to repeat again!  But it was so fun to snuggle the newest family member and see that everyone was doing well!  I’m an auntie!


The Cuz Man was born at almost 41 weeks, 8 lbs 8 ounces, and nearly 20 inches long.  He’s already stealing all of our hearts.

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