We have a cold virus going through our family.  The Wee One seemed to catch it first and he’s now on antibiotics for a slight ear infection and slight pink eye.  It’s his first big cold (he’s only been sick one other time and it was only a quick 24 hours).  I’m anal and can spot conjunctivitis (pink eye) a mile away, so I’m pretty sure he only had that for about 4 hours total.  Poor thing is still coughing, has a bad diaper rash from his meds, and is a bit miserable at times but he’s on the mend!

The Mother had a pretty bad cold as well and hasn’t been able to visit us as often which has been sad for everyone.  She misses her grandson and both The Wee One and I really enjoy the break in the day from her after-school visits.

And now I’m sick as well, GAH!  My throat is sore and I’m starting to get congested, UGH.  The Scottish, who is usually the first one sick between the two of us, is still healthy, knock on wood he doesn’t get this crap!  It’s really bad timing too because I hate being sick when I have a new nephew to snuggle!

When it’s cold out and I’m not feeling well, these are the things make me happy:

My husband being extra sweet to me.

Napping with The Wee One in my bed.

My mom buying me Gatorade and cold medicine.

Baking chocolate cookies.  The oven warms up the whole house and the smell of cookies always make me feel better.  Plus, cookie dough. NEED I SAY MORE?!?!

Wrapping up in big sweaters and skipping doing my hair and makeup for the day.  (Wait, I never style or blow dry my hair these days, so that’s nothing new!)

Binge reading blog posts.


What makes you feel better when you’re sick?

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6 Responses to “Being Sick Bites”

  1. Kelly G

    I saw your mom last night, she does not look good. Wish she would have stayed home! LOL I am sorry you’re sick too that is no fun 🙁 I always feel a bit better after having hot chicken noodle soup and hot cocoa. OH and cold medicine that helps you sleep!! haha

    • Stephanie

      Oh hot cocoa sounds yummy! I’m trying to avoid meds because I’m still breastfeeding, but I’m just hoping this doesn’t last too much longer!!

  2. Margy

    Hope you all feel better soon! A shower and getting into clean jammies always makes me feel better. As a kid, my mom would force us to take a shower when we were sick and once we got out, we had clean sheets on the freshly made bed. Since I’m not about to do laundry when I’m sick (or make the bed, let’s be real), clean jammies do the trick. 😉

    • Stephanie

      Yes, a hot shower helps, good call! Haha, seriously, washing sheets is SO much work! But clean jammies sound great, your mom sounds awesome too!

  3. Jhanis

    I was sick a couple of weeks back and had to be on leave to recuperate. Sucks big time. What’s worse is that everybody in the house got sick too! Ugh. I hope you guys are on the mend!


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