I’m still trying to decide how what I want to say about The Sister’s birth story and how it felt to watch something like that.  I need some time away from it all but I promise to get back to that at some point because it was definitely an AMAZING experience.  For now, I thought I’d share some adorable photos of my nephew taken at the hospital on his first day of life.  I’m super impressed with how good The Sister and The BIL look too, I swear The Scottish and I did NOT look this good after The Wee One’s birth.  Remember, my labor rash??  *shudder*

These three make such a beautiful family.  🙂

download six

download one

download seven

download five

download four

I put together a few comparisons of The Wee One and The Cuz Man side by side.  Wee One on left, Cuz Man on right.  It was difficult to find a newborn pic of The Wee One with his eyes open!  The Cuz Man seems to be very alert for a brand new baby.  Do they look related?  I like to think so!

baby cousins

Ahh, I love these photos of the boys and their daddies!

cousin newborn heads

Images of The Wee One by Annie Wiegers Photography and Images of The Cuz Man by First Day Photo, Inc.

Just one more, my nephew is so precious!

download two

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6 Responses to “The Cuz Man: Newborn Photo Shoot”

  1. Jenn

    In that last photo, they look very much alike! Both boys are adorable!! I’m a newly pregnant reader, I’ve really enjoyed reading all your posts about being a new mom etc I’m looking forward to Sept when I have my own little one 🙂

  2. Rachel

    I think they already make some very similar expressions! And, no one should look that good immediately after giving birth! Precious pictures!


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