Happy Belated Valentine’s Day everybody!!  From our family to yours.  🙂


Whether you are single or partnered, parent to a human or fur-baby, a friend, child, or sibling, this Hallmark holiday is all about RELATIONSHIPS and LOVE.  Everyone needs, wants, and gives love; what a lovely thing to celebrate!

This year The Scottish and I waited until the last-minute to get each other anything so we decided to go to Target together!  First up, picking out each other’s Valentine’s cards, exchanging them, and reading them in the store.  And then putting them back.  The Scottish also gave me a Valentine from The Wee One about how his mommy is his first Valentine.  AWWW, waaahhh!  I almost cried right there in the card aisle.  Exchanging but not buying cards saved us about 15 dollars, we should start doing that at every holiday!  We ended our evening by picking out a joint gift (a wall piece for the kitchen), and then grabbed our favorite chocolates before heading home.

We spent Saturday with The Sister, The BIL, Grandma and Grandpa MN, and of course The Cuz Man!!  The cousins looked SO sweet together in their red outfits.


I love The Wee One’s curiosity with his little cousin.



These two Grandparents have their hands full when we’re all together!  hehe  🙂  We all found it hard to believe The Wee One was ever so small.  He feels so heavy compared to The Cuz Man!


Heart. Melted.

Because I’m never one to miss a sappy moment, I want to thank you all for following my blogging journey whether you’ve been here a few weeks, months, or years.  I’m grateful to those of you who send love (via likes, comments, blog views, and spreading the word) to Drama Happens. You are the reason I keep sharing these slices of life.



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10 Responses to “Red Baby Love”

  1. Rachel

    Love your card swapping idea! 🙂 The Wee One’s expressions are priceless – he is a great big cousin already!

  2. Kelly G

    Precious! The two of them together – they are going to be each other’s PIC (partner in crime:)

  3. Louise

    My husband and I did the same thing with cards and everyone I told thought it was unromantic but it suited us.
    I love Wee One’s face in the photo on the couch.


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