To start off this little tale, I must explain how jumpy of a person I am.  Also, I’m afraid of the dark.  When I was little I used to speed-run up the stairs in my parent’s house because I was convinced there was a witch was chasing me after I turned off the lights.  I scare easily but I don’t like to be scared so you won’t find me in any haunted houses come October.

You might not realize this but The Scottish is one scary dude.  Why, you ask?  The Scottish is a slender guy.  He’s light-footed, light-weight, and quick-moving.  He should be a spy or a ninja because one minute he’s not there, and the next minute he is!  I’m constantly in fear of him surprising me (especially in the dark) because I never know when he is coming!  There’s no warning!

He’s handsome too!  😉

image via Jennography

I’m not the only person who feels this way, Cousin Jo gets it.  She lives here too and she is continually being shocked by The Scottish’s presence.  It’s sort of a running joke in our house now.

The other day I was changing The Wee One’s diaper, and he was screaming his bloody face off.  Apparently diaper changes are THE WORST THING EVER right now.  It is clear he is completely fine but for some reason has decided he does NOT want to lay down on his changing table.  #itsaphase  #babylife

Well, The Scottish was working from home that day and I was wondering if he was going to come upstairs to inquire why his son was screeching at the top of his voice so I kept glancing toward the nursery door so I wouldn’t be surprised/scared.  I wanted to catch him walking into the room.

Take off The Wee One’s sweat pants, look to the door, no Scottish, undo dirty diaper, look to door, nope, still no Scottish, smear on diaper rash cream, throw old diaper in the trash, look to door, AHHHHHHHHHH!  AHHHHHHHHHHH!  AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!  SCOTTISH, HERE.  IN.THE.ROOM.  Almost pee in pants.  (Let’s be honest it doesn’t take much these days, sometimes I pee a little bit when I cough too hard.)

Despite my best efforts, The Scottish got me good, unintentionally as usual.  He doesn’t mean to scare us, in fact he said he was clearing his throat all the way down the hall.  Well, that doesn’t really help when a child is screaming into my ear at the same time!

After I was done freaking out, I threw myself on the floor half laughing half crying while he finished up the diaper change.  In between giggles I explained that I kept looking for him in an effort to avoid being scared but obviously I failed miserably!

No one ever has this problem in my family, we’re all heavy-footed.  You can hear me clomping through the house a mile away.

The moral of the story is my husband needs to wear a bell around the house and giving birth has put me ten years closer to adult diapers. The End.


Don’t be fooled by my adorableness!  I hate diaper changes and cry for no reason, hehe!  🙂

Nike outfit

(Adorable baby Nike workout outfit courtesy of Cousin Jo)

Are you scared easily??

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8 Responses to “My Husband Makes Me Pee My Pants”

  1. Shayla

    I’m the scary one in our household! Matt is always jumping at me and I’m like, “Dude, I LIVE HERE TOO.” Hah.

  2. Kelly G

    you probably got scared bec you built it up so much in your mind! LOL. I love the bell idea, too funny. AWW lil one looks so CUTE in that Nike gear. He will get over the diaper thing, I hope -good luck with that one!

  3. Kelly

    I totally scare easily…no scary movies for me. A, the wee one looks so innocent in that pic. 😉

  4. Margy

    I scare VERY easily! At work, at home, you name it… i get startled. Fortunately, I have yet to scream when startled at work. At home, however… it’s a wonder the cops haven’t been called. 😉


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