This month The Wee One became a mini toddler in my opinion.  He’s starting to show anger and frustration when he doesn’t get his way and he’s also whining and crying for attention, as opposed to when he was younger and he cried to get his needs (food, comfort, sleep, diaper change) met.  It’s weird but cute at the same time.

He also likes to wave his arms up and down and back and forth when he’s excited or trying to make a point it seems.  We love to watch his little arms go!  His strength and movement continue to improve and he uses rolling to get himself across the floor.  We appear to have a few more weeks or maybe months before he’s crawling but next on the list is baby-proofing the great room!

The Wee One is eating purees but we are still struggling with solid food!  The latest attempt was Cheerio, and it seemed as though he liked them at first but then all of a sudden he’s puking them up.  Th Scottish said it doesn’t even look like the food is hitting his gag reflex but for some reason The Wee One decides he does NOT want that texture in his mouth anymore and BOOM, his starts gagging.  Not fun!  We’re in no rush with real foods, as I’ve said before, but I look forward to moving past this current phase of solid food rejection.  🙂

His hair has changed and gotten longer.  It’s now sticking straight up which is exactly how my blonde hair looked as a baby.  Between The Scottish and myself, our kid has no hope for a thick head of hair, haha.

baby hair comparison

Biggest Accomplishments This Month:

eating lots of new purees (baby)

balancing auditioning and motherhood (mom)

multitasking while watching baby (dad)

Biggest Struggles This Month:

getting nose cleaned out (baby)

caring for sick baby while being sick herself (mom)

middle of the night wake-ups due to baby’s cold (dad)

Guys, photo shoots are getting hard.  He’s so squirmy and heavy and on the go!  I expect it will only get more difficult once he begins crawling and walking.  Luckily, The Scottish was able to capture some awesome pictures yet again.

Sad news!  We’ve run out of pigeon books so we’re finishing up these last six months with a different series, Elephant & Piggie, also written by Mo Willems.  This one is called, “I’m a Frog!”

Month Stats


Check out this model pose.







We decided to try for some brother-sister photos too, and while they were very difficult, between singing “Wheels on the Bus” and doggie treats, we were able to get a few nice shots.  Next time, hopefully they’ll look AT the camera!



My little guy is getting so big!  I’m so happy we decided to do these monthly photos shoots.  I hope you guys are enjoying them as much as we are!

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  1. Rachel

    A lovely dose of adorable to kick off my work week! The Wee One is looking so grown up! Love these shots, and that model pose is killer! 🙂


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