Technically, The Scottish doesn’t turn 31 until Wednesday but we celebrated his birthday this past weekend.  If you follow me on Instagram, you know The Scottish and I recently got new and matching cell phones!  He has needed a new phone FOREVER and I told him we’d get him one for his birthday.  Then about two days before we were going to go shopping my on/off button broke and I dropped my cell phone in the toilet.  I swear these are unrelated incidents!!  I did not break my phone… although I certainly didn’t help sustain its life.

After about an hour of deliberation, we both went for the humongous (and expensive) nexus 6’s because 1) my husband is a technology snob and 2) when we find a brand we like, we stick with it.

nexus 6

The Nexus 6 is humongous but we’re already getting used to the size.  It’s almost as long as my head!

nexus is huge

I’m still unsure of where to put it because I’m afraid it will fall out of my coat pocket or diaper bag but other than that, it’s amazing. We both love them and highly recommend if you’re looking for a new phone!  We chose to stick with the nexus brand (he and I both had them previously) because The Scottish likes that they carry stock Android instead of a custom UI (user interface).  I mostly stick with whatever he likes because he is my go-to and fix-it person for everything technology related!

Back to his birthday, we hosted a family game day at our house on Sunday and The Mother and The Father surprised him with ice cream cake from Cold Stone Creamery (so much yum), balloons (for The Wee One), candy (banana Laffy Taffy, his fave), and multiple gift cards to restaurants so we can go out to eat!  He specifically asked for gift cards so he could take his family out to dinner.  Isn’t he sweet?  One of our least favorite things about budgeting is eating in the house all the time!

Please ignore the fact that our heads are cut off, The Mother is still working on those camera skills!  Note, why are The Scottish and I always wearing stripes?  Maybe instead of phones we should have shopped for new clothes!  At least The Wee One is adorable like always.

daddy birthday 31

The Scottish and I also celebrated his birthday with steaks and beer (for him, wine for me) this past weekend because what fun is a Wednesday birthday??  Right in the middle of the work week is a drag, right!?!

In other celebration news, our anniversary is right around the corner too and we’ve got a hotel night coming up to celebrate that and my second night away from The Wee One.  I’m feeling so much less anxiety this time, phew!

PS Snow-shoeing while pregnant last year to celebrate his 30th.  🙂

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6 Responses to “The Tech Snob Turns 31”

  1. Jenn

    Happy early birthday to The Scottish & congrats on the new phones/mini-tablets, lol.

    I happen to like mid-week birthdays because it means it’s something to look forward to, even if it’s just a special dessert at dinner. Not that I’m not happy my 40th (next year) lands on a Saturday so we can have an actual party, but mid-week special days can still be pretty special 🙂

    • Stephanie

      That is a great way to look at the mid-week birthday Jenn! Ya, seriously they are phablets I’ve heard, phone AND tablet. 🙂

  2. Anita

    Happy birthday to the Scottish!! He is a sweet guy, gift cards to he can take his family out *heartmelts*. Just be sure not to drop your new phone in the toilet!!

  3. Kris

    Happy Birthday Scottish. My birthday is also Wednesday and I have been saying the same thing about Wednesday birthdays.


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