I ask myself this question a lot lately, although it’s usually in a comical fashion, while shaking my head in dismay.  🙂

Is he really crying because I left the room??  Is he crying because I took his toy away to clean apple purée off it??  Is he crying because he doesn’t want a diaper change… again!?!?  ARGH.  Is this kid for real right now?

We’ve entered a new zone.  The Wee One has become clingy and whiny and not just with me!  It happens with The Scottish as well, and when Grandpa MN was over the other day and he said he left the room for a second and The Wee One started whimpering.  And don’t get me started on his attachment to Grandma MN!  He is always sad to see her leave!

He’s not crying here, that’s because he’s chatting with Mommy!

march 3rd

Truthfully, I know this is a phase.  The Wee One does get a good deal of one-on-one mommy time throughout the day and while I worry he gets a little too much of my attention, I also know that you can’t spoil a baby.  Good news is he can play by himself, he just needs to be really distracted, entertained, or curious.  It helps that we rotate through his toys.

I already try to avoid giving in at his first cries (if nothing is wrong). Our little guy is really good at sitting these days but once in a while he takes a spill backward and bumps his head.  It’s sad but it doesn’t help anything if I make a big deal about it every time.  Instead, I try to give space and comfort as needed.  We’re also trying to incorporate more signing into everyday life, teaching him not only how to sign “milk,” “more,” “mommy,” and “daddy,” but also things like “tired,” “please,” and “thank you.”

(Obviously, if The Wee One is sick, then he can be as clingy as he wants to/needs to be.)  Another potential reason for his recent behavior is teething, The Wee One has four, yes FOUR new teeth coming in on the top!

top four teeth buds

Craziness right!  Every baby is so different!  Some kiddos have no teeth at 7 months, and our kid is gonna have a whole mouthful.  I’m curious to see if these teeth take weeks to come up fully like his bottom teeth.  The buds are further out now than when I snapped these photos!

Despite the new teeth I’m almost convinced the need for constant attention can be attributed to his age and awareness of object permanence.  For one, he is not consistently fussy and tooth pain is usually bothersome both during the day and at night but that’s not the case for him.  The Wee One has been sleeping really well recently!  (I’m sure I’ve jinxed myself by typing that out, ugh.)  Additionally, he goes immediately from despair to joy as soon as I pick him up, look in his direction, or give him back the toy that has rolled away.

Regardless the reason, I’m happy to hug and hold my little guy as much as possible right now because I know it all goes so fast.  The Wee One is one of my favorite people in the world, and we have so much fun together.  I feel so blessed to be his mommy; I feel so aware of the fleeting time.  I don’t want to forget any moment, his toothy grin, the sweet way he fake cries into laughter when I’m being silly, how expressive his eyebrows are, how long his lashes are, and how happy he is when I scoop him up for a kiss.

Here’s to the good and the bad!  It’s all worth it.  Every bit of it.  A million times over.

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