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I’ve been thinking a lot about the things I do in the morning and at night and I was wondering, What is something in your morning or nighttime routine that make your life easier or helps you wake up/sleep better?

In the Scottish household our average wake-up time is between 6 AM and 7 AM, aka “The Wee One alarm” because he tells us when it’s time to get up. Some days we get to sleep until The Scottish’s work alarm goes off at 6:45 AM and those days are niiiice.  (Though, I know many people who start their days at 5 AM so I am not complaining!)  I’ve shared before that we bring The Wee One in to bed with us so I can nurse him to start the day and how special that is for me.  The morning is my favorite family time of the day and I intentionally try to avoid picking up my phablet (phone tablet) until after he’s done eating.  There is nothing that important on Facebook before 7 AM anyway.  🙂

After nursing, two things happen, either we all wake up slowly in bed while The Wee One reads his books or if it’s late enough, we get up for breakfast and I pack The Scottish’s lunch.  Recently, while battling a cold that would just not let me sleep, I woke up earlier than The Wee One and decided to get up and have a bowl of cereal by myself in the dining room.  I only had about 15 minutes (from 5:55 to 6:10 AM) to myself but it was soooo nice to be fully awake when The Wee One started stirring and I noticed I was in such a better mood because I wasn’t being jolted awake by his crying from the middle of a deep sleep.  It got me thinking that perhaps I should start getting up earlier than him every morning!

It sounds good in theory, but on the other hand, it sounds really exhausting to make sure I’m awake before 6 AM every day so I can have that quiet time by myself.  Plus, I never know if he’s going to be up at 6:01 or 7:05, ya know?  I need to maximize on sleep these days (or so the dark circles under my eyes tell me) which makes me doubt l will make it a habit.  Those of you who have kids, do you like to wake up before them?  Do you have to wake up before them to have enough time to get ready for work?  When we have early appointments, I often shower before feeding The Wee One.

As for nighttime routines, I just read this post about a blogger friend’s nighttime routine and found it really interesting!  I want to get the app she uses for sleep reminders and I love how she has her coffee pot in her bedroom so she can wake up to the smell of coffee in the mornings, how fun!  It reminds me of when Michael Scott (from The Office) wants to wake up to the smell of bacon and burns his foot on the George Foreman grill.  Hilarious!

Personally, I have very little nighttime practices besides washing my face and brushing my teeth.  I don’t lay out my clothes, prep food, or organize the diaper bag.  I suppose The Scottish and I take turns letting McKenna out and freshening her water at night.  Oh, and does pumping count?  Because UGH.  I pump every day around 10 PM and then The Scottish dutifully washes the supplies, making what should be a one woman sport, into a two person tag team game.  (He’s the best.)

Pumping is not forever though so what could I add to my routine that’s calming?  I don’t do yoga or mediate.  I used to love writing in journals but now I do all my writing online and I don’t want to be on the computer right before bed.  Hmm.

What are your routines like?  Do you have any good tips to share?

And because no post is complete without (a sleepy) Wee One.

sleepy guy

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6 Responses to “Way To Go Weekend: Morning/Night Routines”

  1. Erin

    a, baby scot is soo adorable! And b, I’m pretty sure the bedroom coffee absolutely was inspired by the bacon episode!! Excellent call 🙂

  2. Katie

    My mother actually always used to get up around 5:30am so she could have breakfast and read the paper alone without her 9 children and husband before starting and finishing all our lunches. She seemed pretty tired all the time, but I still think she liked her alone time. 🙂

  3. Margy

    One of my favorite bedtime routines is a warm lavender bath & some chamomile tea. I haven’t had a bath is a long time, but the tea is a nightly occurrence!


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