Oh my gosh, it was SO NICE out this past weekend.  Nice enough that we spent two afternoons in a row in our backyard.  Man, I love our backyard.  Maybe that’s because I don’t handle the maintenance of it like The Scottish does, hehe, love you hunny! 🙂

It felt like such a luxury to be able to sit outside but in a private-ish setting.  It felt even more amazing to be outside without being all bundled up.  The Wee One still needed a few layers but it was a much needed change from all the clunky winter gear.

We’re coming up on our second summer in this house and since we’re not frantically unpacking or pregnant, we’re excited to tackle some landscaping projects.  When The Scottish’s parents visit us in May (so exciting, we can’t wait to show them the house, McKenna, and how big The Wee One has gotten since the last time we saw them in October) we hope to plant a few veggies and flowers in the small garden boxes left here by the old owners.  We also want to buy a grill later this spring so we can start cooking dinner outside and enjoy lots of freshly grilled meats and veggies.  But for now, the vitamin D and fresh air is more than enough excitement.


We definitely had a lovely and relaxing weekend, complete with a fun couple’s game night with new friends, but Saturday was still rough for me.  I felt like I was on an emotional roller coaster.  I was hormonal and over-tired and just plain crabby.  We all survived my icky mood but I’ve since discovered the best way for me to prepare for a great family-focused weekend is to run an errand (latte or groceries or otherwise) by myself for some Stephanie time in the morning on Saturday.  Even if The Wee One and I have a great week, we still spend the majority of our time together and we when we have a rough week, well, that alone time is even more important.  I skipped it this weekend and that coupled with The Wee One waking up extra early and a late night with The BFF (and some wine) on Friday made for one moody mama.

In contrast to Saturday, Sunday felt downright delicious.  My mental state was much improved and we were all in great moods.  It was one of the those days where our kiddo was so fun that I began to grossly over-estimate how many we could probably handle, haha.  I love spending time with my two men and sweet doggie.  It’s not always rainbows and butterflies but then again, some days it is.  🙂


So many teeth!






If you’re from the north (or some place where March is not always this warm), I hope you got a chance to spend some time outside as well!

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4 Responses to “Our First Outdoor Weekend of the Year”

  1. Katie

    He’s SO cute!! 🙂

    I feel you on the mood issue. Sometimes it’s really hard to pull yourself together even when you are aware. Would be nice if it was just a switch we could flip!

  2. Kelly G

    I love the pics, glad u were able to spend some time outdoors this weekend 😉


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