ARGH!!!!!!!  We have thrush again.  If you have no idea why I’m so upset by this then perhaps you are new here (so welcome!) or maybe you just missed those posts where I shared our journey with thrush that started when The Wee One was a newborn.
(Catch up by reading THIS about the beginning, THIS for the most recent update or THIS for something humorous.)

Yes, I’m in pain again.  Nursing hurts but it’s not like before, it’s more of a manageable nuisance that makes me wince and tense up but there is still the fear of it getting worse and let’s be honest, it’s a super sensitive area!  The yeast from his mouth disappeared about two days after he started the meds but my pain has somehow gotten worse.  I think it has to do with the medication making everything more raw but I have no idea.  We still have a little over a week left before he’s done.

When we were at the doctor’s they checked and the last time we had a prescription for anti-fungal meds was 11/24/2014.  I guess making it so long without any a recurrence is a victory in itself and should be recognized.

If The Wee One continues to get thrush we will have to look into doing blood work and checking his immune system because most babies stop producing the extra yeast by six months of age.  I did ask the pediatrician if she sees thrush in babies almost 8 months old, and she said, “oh yes.” That made me feel a lot better.  It’s still pretty normal and I’m not worried yet but I’m hoping this is the last instance of it.

I document this thrush journey so I can go back and look at these posts and timeline when I have more children.  On the one hand, I hope I never have to deal with thrush again but on the other hand, I know how to conquer it and every baby has their own battle to fight.  At least I know what tools to use if I get it!

I’m tired of thinking about it, talking about it, and writing about it.  But it is what it is.  A minor bump in an otherwise amazing first year of our kiddo’s life.

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