WELP, my kid is now 8 months old and that’s terrible because 8 months is SO MUCH older than 6 or 7 months.  The Mother agrees with me.  8 months is old.  My baby is getting so big, like seriously, he’s heavy!  His personality is also blooming, he’s determined, he’s curious, he’s bubbly, and he’s a charmer.  We can’t go anywhere without him smiling at strangers and making them pause to say hello.  His friendliness forces me out of my comfort zone many times to have conversations with people I don’t know but it’s worth it to spread a little baby love into the world now and again.

The Wee One is becoming a music lover!  He likes to shake anything that makes sound and has started “dancing” to his favorite songs.  His dancing is more of a stationary bopping up and down with his head and torso but it’s absolutely adorable!  He also likes to jump and dance in his jumper which usually leads to a large poop explosion.  🙂  It’s actually better than it sounds, when I know we’ll be gone all day and I want him to poo before we leave the house, I put him in his jumper for some quality time and he usually goes, I’d say 9 times out of 10!


The Wee One still loves to roll and spin to get places but we are getting THISCLOSE to crawling.  The Wee One takes time in his crib before and after naps to practice being on his hands and knees and he’s usually pretty good about scooting backwards, but he has yet to take the plunge into full-blown crawling.  I’m not concerned at all, even though we are frequently asked about whether or not he is yet!  Babies go at their own pace for everything. Who would have thought we’d have a little guy with so many teeth and so little interest in using them??  Haha…

Speaking of food, we are climbing that hill s-l-o-w-l-y.  Recently, he’s been eating lots of flavored puffs and improving on his thumb and finger skills by bringing them up to his mouth.  For the most part he is still happy with purees but he has gnawed on his first french fry (or two) this month, as well as a celery stick and he’s tried a couple of pinto beans!  (We still puke up rice.  Next on the list to try is pasta!)

Biggest Accomplishments This Month:

physical strength and dexterity (baby)

being outside more often/going more places (mom)

producing the absolute best Wee One giggles (dad)

Biggest Struggles This Month:

cutting four teeth at once (baby)

thrush pain- again! (mom)

weekend mornings (dad)

It turns out I was right when I mentioned last month that I expected the photo shoots were going to get more and more difficult.  Keeping the sticker on his onesie became the most difficult task because he found it incredibly interesting and fun to remove.  We actually took a break for nap time and tried again later, using tape to adhere it to his chest.  It looks pathetic but hey it worked!

I get a lot of compliments on our monthly photos of The Wee One (I always credit The Scottish because he is the master behind the camera) and while we definitely didn’t get any super amazing shots this time we still managed a few nice ones.

The book this month is called, “Should I Share My Ice Cream?,” the next one in our Elephant and Piggie series.  Fun fact, the ice cream props are actually bubbles from the Dollar Store and I plan on gifting them back to The Wee One in his first-ever Easter basket.  🙂

Month Stats



I can’t get over how precious The Wee One’s tiny hand looks in this close-up.


Mommy, Daddy, and McKenna pics are all part of the photo shoot too, no wonder he gets antsy!



Caption for The Wee One’s thoughts in the photo below, “What weirdos.”



And finally because it made both The Scottish and I bust a gut laughing when we first saw it…


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  1. Katie

    Lol, I guess it’s nice to be able to get him to poop before leaving home! Hope that trick works awhile longer. 🙂 He is so stuffing cute!!


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