First Mother’s Day Anticipation

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My first Mother’s Day is coming up this May. I know I share this holiday with millions of other wonderful women but this year is special for me because it’s my first time as a mother and a mother to the most amazing little boy at that.  Of course when something feels extra special, the expectations can ride a little high. According to The Scottish I’m not the easiest person to surprise or gift at holidays (WHAA??), so I’m going to tell him exactly what I want this time. Does anyone else Read more […]

The Glue and The Tape’s Picnic Shower

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This past weekend The Mother, The Sister, and I threw a picnic themed shower for my brother and his fiancé.  We called it a wedding shower (instead of the traditional bridal shower) because we wanted to invite both men and women, we are on the groom’s side after all!  Overall it was a great success and now my brother knows just how awkward it is to open gifts in front of people!  🙂 We did a great job making it a family and guy friendly event if I do say so myself, and here’s how: 1) Read more […]

The Wee One: Nine Months

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The Wee One is 9 months old today and cuter than ever!  Right now, he’s all about the verbal skills and communicating with us.  He chatters away non-stop and we are starting to hear consonants and things that sound like words in his babbling.  He’s also started using sign language!  We’ve been signing a few words to him for about three months now and he has picked up on “more” and “milk.”  He cracks us up when signing “milk” because he tends to use it for everything. The Wee One is also eating Read more […]

Only Slightly Less Miserable: A Tale of a Birth

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Time to talk about BIRTH.  My nephew (The Cuz Man) was born on February 3rd at 7:26 AM to The Sister and The BIL.  He weighted 8 lbs 8 ounces and was 19.75 inches long.  I got to watch some of the labor and ALL of the delivery.  My goal was to wait until I could formulate something poetic and poignant regarding the experience, but it turns out that’s nearly impossible.  Watching someone push a tiny person from their body encompasses too many things and cannot be squished down into a tiny, Read more […]

Way To Go Weekend: Super Swinging Wee One

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Last weekend was The Wee One’s first experience on a swing!  This is embarrassing for a few reasons, 1) We actually have a swing in our backyard and 2) last weekend was not the first warm day of the year.  That said, it is Minnesota, and we are just now feeling spring up here in extended periods of time. Plus it honestly slipped my mind but he has probably been big enough to sit in a swing since he’s been able to sit up on his own.  Well, all was remedied last weekend. We went to a local park Read more […]

Weaning Off a Feed

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This post is likely to be very boring to about 90% of my readers, but weaning (while a very personal thing). is something I wish more bloggers wrote about online.  Just like birth stories, I love reading personal experiences and I believe this is worth sharing with my fellow nursing mamas or those who plan on nursing at some point in the future. The Wee One and I have always nursed on demand but sometime between 3 and 4 months a daily schedule formed.  Once we passed the 4 month sleep Read more […]

The Name Game

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It’s obvious that my first name is on the long side as far as first names go.  Stephanie was always one of the longest names in my classes growing up.  It never fit on those Scantron tests that spelled out both your first and last names, but instead read as Stephan.  Regardless of its length, I would meticulously write my name out on each and every piece of homework I was given, never shortening it.  I only introduce myself as Stephanie and can’t imagine calling myself Steph. I love my name, Read more […]

My Little Airplane

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My sweet boy is turning one in a matter of months now and what kind of organized type A mom would I be if I didn’t start planning his July birthday party now?!?!?  🙂 After lots of mulling it over, I came to the conclusion that his party shall be “airplane” themed.  Both The Mother and I had thought it would be best to pick a theme based on his likes but it’s tough to figure out what your 8 and a half month old is into.  He doesn’t know any TV characters, he isn’t partial to a certain toy, Read more […]

Easter Adorableness

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This year I went to both a Good Friday service and a Sunday morning Easter service at my parent’s church.  I’ve mentioned before how we’re in the process of finding a new church but recently we’ve switched gears and have been attending the one I used to go to during high school.  It’s insanely close to our house, the interim Pastor is a really sweet older guy, and my parents are members of the congregation.  All good perks!  I’d still call myself a church commitment-phobe but after Read more […]

Let’s Take This Fight On The Road

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car ride car ride

Based on my last post it would appear that our trip to Chicago was perfect.  While it was definitely wonderful, it was also exhausting and stressful at times. I hope you guys know by now that I try to share both the awesome and frustrating parts of life and this trip will be no exception.  Unfortunately, The Scottish and I were not as nice to each other as we could have been while traveling to and from Chicago. Shocking I know, haha! The main reason behind our bickering was due to our failure Read more […]