Based on my last post it would appear that our trip to Chicago was perfect.  While it was definitely wonderful, it was also exhausting and stressful at times. I hope you guys know by now that I try to share both the awesome and frustrating parts of life and this trip will be no exception.  Unfortunately, The Scottish and I were not as nice to each other as we could have been while traveling to and from Chicago. Shocking I know, haha! The main reason behind our bickering was due to our failure to pack efficiently, but contributing factors also included a lack of sleep and our strict timeline.

It’s tough traveling with a baby and The Scottish and I are still getting used to it.  We haven’t quite figured out the balance of what is too much stuff and what is too little.  It doesn’t help that what you need changes as your child grows.  For example, when we flew to Scotland we needed a lot more outfits and diapers than we do now.  Instead, at this age we need to remember his purees and spoons, and puffs.  We need to have more stimulating toys for those times when he needs to entertain himself.  Plus, depending on how cold the weather is, that can add a whole extra list of items!

The Scottish and I have crafted this well-oiled machine when it comes to existing in and taking care of our home.  We know exactly who takes on each chore or cleaning task and we aren’t resentful of each other’s individual work loads.  The Scottish hasn’t cleaned a toilet since we met  and it’s just understood that I don’t mow the lawn.  We can easily navigate the kitchen too, when one of us prepares dinner the other one usually does the dishes.

Additionally, we are great at sharing responsibilities of The Wee One.  I care for him full-time during the day and The Scottish works super hard bringing home that bacon.  We like to do bath and bed time routines together as a family and we have it so streamlined we can be done in about 15 minutes.  The Scottish also does what he can to help with feeding The Wee One which means he gives bottles once in a while and he cleans the supplies after I pump.  We use a team approach in a lot of areas of our life, childcare, housework, appointments, and outings, and it just works for us.

But when it comes to traveling?  We are clunky and shout-y, disrespectful and rude. OH, and we cannot find ANYTHING.  Seriously, why is it so difficult to locate items in our clean car?  Where did we put those puffs?  Why can’t we find his favorite pacifier?  What about the diapers?  Extra wipes?  That white onesie?  His bib?!?!?  Everything usually started in it’s own separate small bag and once it got moved it a moment of rushing, it was never found again.

On top of getting in and out of the car roughly 10 times that day, we were also focusing on driving in Chicago traffic and making it to our meet-ups on time.  There was also a poop explosion because what trip is complete without one?  The Scottish and I’s flaws really come front and center when we are away from home.  I am an OCD perfectionist who has to have everything in it’s correct place and The Scottish is a slow-moving, patience-lacking guy.  Of course we both have a need to be on time or early which only makes us more stressed out!

I don’t say all this to imply we had a bad time, because The Scottish and I were able to leave our disagreements in the car.  Two years into this marriage thing and we are discovering we need to find a better way to communicate with each other before and during our travels.

I have to end on a good note so I’ll say The Wee One was an amazing traveler.  Yes, he cried in the car once in a while and experienced normal fussy baby moments but overall he did SO WELL.  He slept in his pack n play by our bed really nicely, he entertained himself in the car, he napped on Mommy when we didn’t have time to lay him down, he didn’t complain when he had to be in and out of his car seat, and he was just overall fun and adorable.  How did we get so lucky?!?!

car ride

Does anyone have a suggestion for a large tote or day trip bag that’s also reasonably priced? I feel like two large bags could change my life.  🙂
Do you fight with your spouse or partner when you travel??

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  1. Margy

    OMG — yes to the bickering! It’s mainly when we’re trying to get out of the house and sometimes en route, but once we’re there… we’re much nicer to each other. Traveling is stressful… and adding in a baby to the mix — I imagine even more so! 🙂


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