My sweet boy is turning one in a matter of months now and what kind of organized type A mom would I be if I didn’t start planning his July birthday party now?!?!?  🙂

After lots of mulling it over, I came to the conclusion that his party shall be “airplane” themed.  Both The Mother and I had thought it would be best to pick a theme based on his likes but it’s tough to figure out what your 8 and a half month old is into.  He doesn’t know any TV characters, he isn’t partial to a certain toy, and he is favorite pastime is shoving things into his mouth.

We do however, know what he does NOT like.  Can you have an anti-food party?  With lots of weird textures and baby purees?  Where you watch your kid make weird faces and puke up cheese puffs?  Umm no, probably not.  Airplanes it will be then!

After choosing the theme we discovered The Wee One LOVES airplanes, or at least he loves pretending to be them.  This kid never hangs on to us when we hold him I swear.  He keeps his arms out for balance or for independence or possibly for fun.  Whatever it is, we’ve nicknamed it his “airplane” move.


I haven’t decided between a vintage or modern airplane theme but my inspiration is this birthday party post from Enjoying the Small Things.

image via Amazon

image via Amazon

I’m thinking of adding a propeller to his high chair like in this photo:

image via Pinterest

Overkill? Maybe, but it’s cute.  For food, I’m thinking a fancier version of pretzels and peanuts (because duh, airplane food!) in addition to a full lunch because I want his party to take place in between his two naps and that means feeding people!  We’re definitely going to do the whole smash cake thing, as well as get him a special birthday boy t-shirt to wear.

I’m hoping I can DIY some cloud and plane decor, and I’ve already purchased airplane and cloud cookie cutters.  I’m so excited for his party but I have no desire to rush life to get to July.  There are so many fun things happening before then and I plan to enjoy all the days leading up to his first birthday.

Any cutesy or creative ideas for his party?  I’m open to suggestions!

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  1. Anita

    Adorable!! Cute guest-book-type-thingy that might be cute is a good sized map and little airplanes that you can have the guest stick on with their names showing their favorite place to fly off to? I also am envisioning an airplane mobile. The propeller on the highchair is awesome!


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