It’s obvious that my first name is on the long side as far as first names go.  Stephanie was always one of the longest names in my classes growing up.  It never fit on those Scantron tests that spelled out both your first and last names, but instead read as Stephan.  Regardless of its length, I would meticulously write my name out on each and every piece of homework I was given, never shortening it.  I only introduce myself as Stephanie and can’t imagine calling myself Steph.

I love my name, but I do not care for the accompanied nickname.  Steph, (bleh).  I’ve touched on this subject before, To me, Steph sounds masculine and harsh.  Even though I never use it I will answer to it.  The Father and The Glue in particular call me Steph the most often, although some friends and other family also refer to me that way.  I don’t really mind, but when I was younger (and by younger I mean I was still doing it in my early 20’s) I would say to them “A-nee” after they would say “Steph,” as a reminder of how my full name should sound.  I was just being silly but my family still laughs at me today.

The Wee One has a short name that doesn’t really lend itself to a nickname.  Same with The Scottish.  And our future baby name ideas?  Short as well!  While I love my long name, I’m drawn to shorter names for my children, go figure.

Speaking of children, I need to confess something, no I’m NOT pregnant, but I’m seriously getting baby fever.  It was just a small gut feeling for a while but now it’s a full-blown emotional state of being.  MUST.GIVE.WEE.ONE.A.SIBLING!!!  AHHH!  MORE BABIES!!  🙂  Don’t judge. Our little guy is almost 9 months old and I think any time after 6 months postpartum is an appropriate time to start dreaming of snuggly newborns.  My Grandma J and The Mother both had their first two babies close together and we also want our kiddos close in age.  While we’re not 100% ready (for a couple of reasons), The Scottish and I are getting there.

Honestly, I might have been ready sooner but in early February I watched The Sister give birth and that helped push the baby fever back a few months, because, well, you know, LABOR and DELIVERY SUCKS.  (Speaking of, I still owe you guys a post on my experience, I will get to that soon!)

You know what’s fun?  Naming a child that you don’t have.  The Sister and I have chatted about this and we agree, naming a child once you’re pregnant is waaaay too much pressure but naming a child that’s yet to be conceived, well that’s delightful.  For one thing, there is no life-long commitment because there is no baby so you can change your mind, once or twice, or a few more times.  It’s also nice because you can look at baby names without being bombarded with questions or ideas from other people.  Without a bump, no one knows you’re even browsing them!

Right now the name search is light and fun and I can randomly ask The Scottish, what do you think of this one or that one.  Once I am preggo every name possibility will be wrought with tension.  Does it rhyme with something bad?  Does it go with our last name?  Does it sound nice next to The Wee One’s?  Is it too weird!?!?  Thus, it all becomes not so fun anymore.

In case you’re curious,for a boy, we still don’t love anything, but we took forever to find and choose The Wee One’s name too.  I was in my 8th month when we stumbled up on it so I know it can take a while for us to agree on something.

For a girl, we’re all set and done.  It was chosen before we were pregnant with The Wee One.  There is still some wiggle room with the middle name, but if we end up with a girl, the hard part will be over and done.  Thankfully!

From the looks of our preferences, all of our children will have short names, and yes, they will be either of Celtic or Gaelic decent.  My name will be the longest in the family with McKenna a close second.  I laugh because my name sounds more and more out-of-place as we add each additional Scottish name.   No big deal, I love my name.  It suits me.

How do you feel about naming babies or even your pet?  Isn’t it more fun before you have to make a real decision?

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6 Responses to “The Name Game”

  1. Holly

    Naming anything was a lot more fun before I became a teacher… Now every name is like “nope, I had a _____ and he/she was a brat!” 😉

  2. Katie

    Hm, I never thought how much more tension it would be to name while you are pregnant. (Obv not experienced that yet) but I guess I should enjoy this stress-free period of name pondering. It just freaks the husband out a little too much, so I have never even asked him what he thinks of any names. 😛

    • Stephanie

      Yes, enjoy this time of looking at names now! It’s so bizarre how you end up second guessing everything once there is an actual child involved. Haha, guess that wouldn’t be good to freak out your hubby! The Scottish knows I have to talk about EVERYTHING before it happens, lol.

    • Stephanie

      Nice! Long names are beautiful, I just have been drawn to shorter ones recently, no idea why! I filled that out, I got Fergus and so did The Scottish!


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