Last weekend was The Wee One’s first experience on a swing!  This is embarrassing for a few reasons, 1) We actually have a swing in our backyard and 2) last weekend was not the first warm day of the year.  That said, it is Minnesota, and we are just now feeling spring up here in extended periods of time. Plus it honestly slipped my mind but he has probably been big enough to sit in a swing since he’s been able to sit up on his own.  Well, all was remedied last weekend.

We went to a local park on Friday.


And then tried out the one in our backyard (left behind from the family before us) on both Saturday and Sunday.


Grandma MN got to help push too!

swinging with grandma

I think it’s safe to say The Wee One LOVES swinging.  Luckily we have a ton of parks nearby.  It’ll be so much fun (and slightly nerve-wracking) when he learns how to explore them. For now, I’m happy he’s happy to be stuck as a super swinging baby!

Speaking of superheroes, (were we even talking about superheroes Stephanie?!?!), how many of you are excited for the second Avengers movie that comes out soon?  The Scottish talks about it ALL THE TIME.  OK, not all the time, but a lot.  We are planning on seeing it with The BIL and The Sister because we saw the first one with them and The BIL is equally obsessed.

The other night I made the mistake of pondering to The Scottish whether or not I was over this superhero genre.  He was appalled and informed me they have superhero movies planned out for the next ten years.  Wow.  I’ve enjoyed all the movies so far (Iron Man and Thor are probably my favorites) but I’m starting to feel like it’s getting overplayed.  More story and character content, less fight-scenes!  More love stories, less villains!

Anyone else want to weigh in?  Are you a superhero movie lover?  Or do you have zero desire to watch Bruce Banner turn into the Hulk?  🙂  (PS I do love Mark Ruffalo!)

Have a great weekend everybody!

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4 Responses to “Way To Go Weekend: Super Swinging Wee One”

  1. Kelly G

    AWW It looks like he LOVES the swing! I do too, went to the park with the nephews this past weekend too, it was gorgeous! Hubby also loves those movies and he has told me that before too-they have them planned out for the next 10 years! I can’t watch any of them, they are boring to me LOL. can’t wait to see you tomorrow, have a great Friday!!

  2. Margy

    Super cute swinging pics! He certainly looks like he loves it! Re: superhero movies…. yea, I don’t watch ’em. 😉


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