The Wee One is 9 months old today and cuter than ever!  Right now, he’s all about the verbal skills and communicating with us.  He chatters away non-stop and we are starting to hear consonants and things that sound like words in his babbling.  He’s also started using sign language!  We’ve been signing a few words to him for about three months now and he has picked up on “more” and “milk.”  He cracks us up when signing “milk” because he tends to use it for everything.

The Wee One is also eating real foods at almost every meal!  This list of what he’s tried recently is getting longer and longer and includes chunks of pear and apple, peanut butter toast, pasta, chicken, and fish. So much improvement from where we were the last month!

first peanut butter

The answer to is he crawling yet is still nope, but he’s definitely moving around a ton and still gets to his favorite toys by rolling and scooting backwards.  His favorite pastime has become waking up at 3 AM and doing “gymnastics” in his crib for an hour.  He doesn’t cry or fuss so we can stay in bed and recently he’s been waking up for the day closer to 7:30 or 8 so we’re not complaining!  The Wee One likes to talk himself to sleep for nap time which can sometimes take up to 30 minutes but we know he is learning a ton right now so we try to let him have his alone time in his crib.

He’s also started clapping which is like, the most fun thing, EVER.  It’s so addicting to make him giggle and clap!


Overall, this guy is non-stop fun.  Except when you take something away that he shouldn’t be playing with, then he scream-cries in your face.  Luckily, we’re still at the age where distraction works every time and he is quick to forget and move on.

Biggest Accomplishments This Month:

eating lots of solid foods (baby)

sign language success (mom)

sign language success (dad)

Biggest Struggles This Month:

wanting to crawl but not being able to (baby)

keeping the SAHM schedule spontaneous and fun (mom)

listening to his wife talk about wanting another baby… hehe (dad)

The Elephant and Piggie book for this month is “I Am Invited to a Party!”  And the photo shoot occurred too close to bed time; we won’t be making that mistake again!

Month Stats



Trying to keep him for taking the sticker off is a constant battle but it’s fun because we end up laughing our way through each photograph.





Next month, its double digit time!  EEK! 🙂

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  1. Anita

    Stephanie, obviously from the first picture with the two of you, the Wee One wanted YOU to wear the sticker!! LOL adorable!


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