My first Mother’s Day is coming up this May. I know I share this holiday with millions of other wonderful women but this year is special for me because it’s my first time as a mother and a mother to the most amazing little boy at that.  Of course when something feels extra special, the expectations can ride a little high. According to The Scottish I’m not the easiest person to surprise or gift at holidays (WHAA??), so I’m going to tell him exactly what I want this time.

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Does anyone else watch “The Middle” on ABC?  I LOVE that show and as Mother’s Day approaches I’m reminded of one of the episodes where Frankie (the mom) is conflicted.  She wants to be alone on Mother’s Day so she can do what SHE wants to do, but then her husband and kids have such a great time without her, she feels like she’s missing out.  I totally get it.  On the one hand, you want to spend the day with your children because the holiday is about your relationship to them, on the other hand, you want to be a little selfish because it’s supposed to your day.

I’m not sure we’ll have a whole day to spoil me this year because I also have plans to spend time with my own mother on Mother’s Day but if I had to pick out every last detail, this would be my ideal day.


Wake up to nurse The Wee One and then go right back to sleep.  🙂

Wake up again to breakfast in bed… specifically orange rolls, fruit, and bacon.

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Take a long and lazy shower.

Drive to Starbucks for an iced vanilla latte by myself.

Go on a family walk around the neighborhood, stopping at the park for The Wee One and taking our time letting McKenna guide us.

Lunch at Which Wich.

Shopping alone for adorable summer baby clothes at Target or Kohl’s during The Wee One’s afternoon nap.

Cuddling and playing with The Wee One post-nap.

Dinner cooked by The Scottish, preferably steaks.  (He never makes dinner so this would be a real treat!)

Opening of gifts, a weekend tote bag (thanks for the suggestions!) and Urban Decay eyeshadow. Items most likely picked out and ordered by me.

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Alone time with the hubby and a glass of red wine after The Wee One goes to bed.


These two are all I need for a perfect Mother’s Day.

bottle with daddy

Oh, too sappy for ya?  Tough.  🙂

OK Scottish, this could not be easier. It’s all written out for you!  Good luck.  (PS This could also double as a guide for future birthdays. Although the ideal day is subject to change at any time. Valid in all fifty states.)

Does this sound like a good day to you??

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4 Responses to “First Mother’s Day Anticipation”

  1. Kelly G

    Sounds perfect! Hope you enjoy your special day whatever you decide to do 🙂

  2. Rachel

    We love The Middle, and just watched the Mother’s Day episode recently – so funny because it’s so relatable. You’ve laid it all out, so I hope that The Scottish and The Wee One deliver! 🙂


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