I’m happy to report there has been a recent addition to our family… a new-to-us car!!  🙂  🙂

I’ve shared before on DH how we moved my Grandpa F into a memory care facility a little before Christmas in 2013.  For obvious reasons, he does not drive.  Grandma J has decided (for a variety of reasons) that she does not want to drive anymore and therefore will not be needing their car either.  It was suggested that we take their car (which is in great condition btw) because we could really use a second vehicle over here in suburbia and there’s no reason for it to sit unused in an a garage.

Well, we are blown away by Grandma J’s generosity, and after crossing a few T’s and dotting a few I’s, Auntie B nicely hitched a ride to Bismarck to pick up the car and then drove it to the Twin Cities a few days later.

Our hearts and our garage are full.  We are officially a two car household!


(What a cute car model I found!)

Grandma J and I named the car Radar because Grandpa F used to work with radar when he was in the Navy and because we all love the character Radar from the ever-popular show, M.A.S.H.  Our Kia is simply known as “The Kia,” but I wanted something extra special for our newest vehicle.

It’s been barely a week but we’ve already noticed a wonderful change.  The Scottish asked me the other day how I was going to run my errands while he was at work because he momentarily forgot we had the extra car!  No more dropping off Daddy at work in the early morning or borrowing Grandpa MN’s SUV and inconveniencing him.

Thanks again Grandma J.  We are so appreciative.

It goes to show you, sometimes life will surprise you when you least expect it.  🙂

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