I’m sure you’ve all heard the newest royal baby was born on May 2nd to Prince William and Princess Kate aka The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.  They had a girl named Charlotte Elizabeth Diana!!

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But you can also refer to her with the official title of Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge if you feel so inclined.

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Man, they’re a gorgeous couple.

princess charlotte birth two

OK enough royal family fawning.  The real point of this post is that the new little princess is giving me terrible baby fever.  Doesn’t she look squishy and adorable in that hat?  And thinking of George as an older brother makes me wonder how insanely adorable The Wee One would be with a sibling!

The other night The Scottish and I were chatting in bed and I brought up the fact that The Wee One was born on Prince George’s birthday (July 22nd) just one year later, so naturally we should try to have our next baby one year from May 2nd, 2015 because then we’d match both royal baby birthdays and then they’d probably invite us to visit them in England and we would become best friends… and that’s when The Scottish said “GOODNIGHT” and rolled away from me.

I get the feeling he doesn’t care about planning our next pregnancy around HIS royal family.  GASP!!  🙂  I’m totally kidding of course, but his indifference cracks me up.  I’m not even sure it’s possible for The Scottish to care less, haha.

Regardless, this is a very personal decision that cannot be swayed by royal babies (unfortunately).

So let’s look at this comparison of Kate leaving the hospital with Charlotte on the left and George on the right.  Beautiful!  (It’s clear I’m talking about Kate’s hair, right?)

george and charlotte

I’m a big fan of the name Charlotte but I never really liked George.  Although it does sound like a great name for a future King!  What are your thoughts on the new royal baby?

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12 Responses to “The New Royal Baby is Hurting My Ovaries”

  1. Stu M

    “… and that’s when The Scottish said “GOODNIGHT” and rolled away from me.” Hehehehehe.

  2. Kelly G

    I love all her names and I love the name George. I think her hair looks gorgeous too, good luck on trying to convince hubby for another! 😉

  3. Blair

    I have been holding Charles/Charlotte as a name in favor for a girl or boy with the nickname of Charlie for either as my FIL is a Charles and I have a Great Grandpa with that name. Now that the Princess is Charlotte, I’m sure the name is going to blow up in popularity and I’ll lean towards something else if that happens when/if we have a girl. I’ll probably keep Charles for a boy though. I just love the name Charlie.

    • Stephanie

      OH man, that is a bummer! It will definitely go up in popularity now. Charlie is so cute for a boy or a girl!

  4. Andrea

    Charlotte was our #1 future baby girl name. GAH, NOW WHAT WILL WE NAME OUR DAUGHTER?! It’s going to be so popular… Sad. Though we are not ones to let that stop us. But still. So rude royal family, so rude. 😉

  5. Melissa

    My husband is also Scottish and I have tasked him with arranging a play date with our three month old Abigail and Charlotte. I’m amazed that she looks that good even with a team of people around to help her primp. All I wore for the first month after baby was yoga pants and loose fitting tops.

    • Stephanie

      Oh good, well he better get on that play date then!! 🙂 Seriously, she was walking too well for having just given birth, I was still limping along awkwardly in pain for many days!

  6. Rachel

    Charlotte is the only girl name we’ve been able to agree on for an as-yet-to-be-conceived daughter. During the few days before they announced her name, I told my husband that they HAD to pick something other than Charlotte – no such luck. Ah, well. They are an absolutely lovely little family, and Kate simply looks marvelous! Not “marvelous for just having a baby,” but better than most of us shall ever look. I suppose that’s why she isn’t a commoner. 🙂 And, I’m right with you on the twin birthdays generating visiting rights – definitely worth a shot! 🙂 🙂


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