My Mother-in-law and Father-in-law or as we now call them on the blog, Grandpa and Grandma Scottish are coming to Minnesota for a two-week visit!!  YAY!!  We are beyond excited.  The Scottish is taking days off from work and this guy can’t wait to see his other set of grandparents.


Geez, he looks SO grown up sometimes!  I think I’ll call that his salmon shirt, just like Ross on Friends.  🙂

My in-laws want to spend the majority of their time playing with The Wee One, taking him to the park, walking McKenna, grilling on the patio, and hanging out in our backyard.  We will try to fit in a few sight-seeing activities as well like The Scottish taking his Dad to his first Twin’s Game, the zoo, possibly a museum visit, the Minneapolis sculpture garden, and hopefully a day trip to Stillwater.  There’s definitely not a shortage of fun things to do in the Twin Cities!

The Scottish wants to fit in one house renovation during his time off and I’m super pumped because it has to do with the black bathroom.  No, we’re not getting a shower upstairs (yet), but it will be an awesome update.

We plan to utilize Grandpa and Grandma Scottish’s gardening expertise in transforming these beds in the center of our backyard into a plant-able place for flowers and maybe some vegetables?



We have not touched them since we moved in so as you can see they need A LOT of TLC!

I’m really looking forward to spending time with my MIL and FIL, watching them interact with their grandson and granddog, having The Scottish home during the week, and enjoying an evening drink at 5 PM every day, haha.  If you’ll recall I didn’t drink postpartum until our trip to Scotland last October where I had a glass of red wine everyday during their daily happy hour in the living room.  The Scottish and I are stocking up on sherry, beer, wine, coffee, espresso, and tea so my in-laws will feel at home as much as possible!

I know the trip is going to go too fast and The Mother keeps telling me that The Scottish’s parents won’t want to leave because The Wee One is just too adorable!  It will be tough, but hopefully this is the first of many visits for them to the US.  (As this is often asked, YES, they’ve been here once before, when we got married in March 2013!)

Because I don’t get to see my amazing in-laws very often I’ll be taking a break from Drama Happens while they’re in town.  I know I’ve been getting new readers/followers recently (Welcome!) so I apologize for the hiatus but hey, I gotta live my life so I can blog about it!  🙂

I’ll be back in two weeks with lots of updates, photos, and stories I’m sure!  Take care until then!



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6 Responses to “The Scottish Are Coming, The Scottish Are Coming!”

  1. Sara

    That shirt is pink :). And he better not leave it at Mona’s apartment!

  2. Kelly G

    you mean his pink shirt? LOL HE is TOO CUTE!! Love all those teeth -that’s probably what makes him look older 😉 Have fun with the inlaws and HH is the best

  3. Margy

    Hope you have a great time with your in-laws! And looking forward to seeing what happens with the black bathroom!


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