Well, he did it.  The Wee One is officially crawling!!  🙂  For whatever reason he took the plunge right after Daddy left for work on Friday May 8th.

After it happened once I quickly grabbed my phone to capture it on video.  (Please excuse my proud mom gushing.)

His coordination was shaky at first but now he is a man with a mission.  His favorite things to touch are the sharp grates and the blinds (of course).  And if you turn your eyes for two seconds he’s off to find the fireplace.

We love it though.  We love pretending to chase or catch him, we love how curious he is, and we love watching him explore this new skill. The Wee One also likes to “walk” when someone is holding onto his hands.  He takes these GIANT steps with these pointed, jazzy toes.  it’s hilarious.  And it’s insane how exciting each new milestone is for us as well.

In other news, The Wee One ended up with another cold this past month that lasted a good two weeks.  His sleep regressed again and he was extra fussy, especially when it came time to clean out his nose with the Nose Frieda.  He is feeling a lot better recently and sleeping through the night again although the days of sleeping until 7 AM seem to have left us.  Most mornings he’s up around 6, and we have a new rule, no babies out of their crib before then!

Solid foods continue to make up more and more of his meals and his interest in purees is starting to wane.  We still give them to him because they are easy ways to incorporate fruit and veg and they’re super convenient but I imagine we will be buying less and less baby food.  He’s started signing “all done/finished” with us when’s ready to be done with a meal and that has been super helpful!  He is still at the point where he understands more signs than he knows how to make but it is fun to sign “up” and watch his face light up because he knows what we mean.

His verbal skills continue to amaze us.  He loves “talking” to us and his new thing is pointing along with sound.  He now says discernible consonant sounds like “ba ba,” “ga ga” and “mm-a mm-a.”  We’re not sure if he knows he’s referring to me and it’s completely situational but we’re convinced he’ll just start repeating real words one day soon.

Naps are getting tough as he likes to crawl about in his crib and chat to himself.  Sometimes he cries, or he falls asleep in the car which makes things difficult, but nap time is precious to me.  I was a nanny to two amazing nappers, so I keep my eye on the prize and make sure he sleeps twice during the day, once in the morning, and once in the afternoon.  If his second nap is 30 min or shorter we try for a third.  He usually puts himself down and some days he sleeps 1.5 hours for both.

Biggest Accomplishments This Month:

crawling, pulling himself up, and first word sounds (baby)

not caving in to nap time noise (mom)

getting baby back to sleep in middle of the night (dad)

Biggest Struggles This Month:

not getting what he wants (baby)

keeping an eye on him at all times (mom)

keeping an eye on him at all times (dad)

The book for this month is called “There Is a Bird on Your Head!”  And instead of wearing the sticker, we started with it on the blanket.  Our days of wearing it and not touching it are over.

Month Stats

This was my attempt at getting a bird on his head to match the book.  I consider it a half success because while the bird is in fact on his head, my arm is still in the photo and he’s not looking at the camera.


The sticker isn’t even safe on the blanket!


I’ve decided it’s time for a new addition to the monthly posts, so I’m adding dislikes, likes, and doesn’t mind.

Dislikes: Face being wiped, clothing being changed, nose being cleaned, hand being held, and sometimes sitting in the stroller.  (boo!)

Likes: Smiling at strangers (he’s such a charmer), pulling books off the shelf, crawling, strawberries, exploring his vocal range, and peekaboo.

Doesn’t Mind: Redirection, diaper changes, snuggles, laying in his crib awake, and his sun hat.  (I’m guessing these could change at any moment.)

My favorite photos we take are the ones we get with him.





In a special treat, Grandpa and Grandma Scottish were here for this month’s photo shoot, so we dressed him up for a nice posed picture.


Obviously I have so much to fill you guys in on since I’ve been on a mini hiatus but I wanted to catch up with The Wee One’s month posts first!  Thanks for being patient!

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