It feels amazing when they first arrive.  The room is filled with calm and happiness after months of anticipation.  THEY’RE FINALLY HERE!!  The Scottish is not an overly expressive man, but there is something extra joyful about him when his parents are around.  It’s super cute.

I feel really lucky that my in-laws are such great people and fantastic grandparents.  They stayed with us for two weeks and spent much of it playing and laughing with The Wee One.  After some slight hesitation when they first arrived, he loved spending time with them as well!


My Mother-in-law was also completely smitten with our sweet McKenna.  McKenna is obsessed with guarding our backyard and she will wait by the patio glass door for someone to let her out about three seconds after she is let back in.  Grandma Scottish was always there to let her back out, to throw the tennis ball, or to give her scratches and belly rubs.


We ended up eating out quite a bit but I was able to cook a few meals as well, and we did grill out twice with our new grill (a very generous gift from my in-laws!).  We had coffee in the mornings and our sherry/wine/beer in the evenings and I did my best to not over-schedule us.


The biggest upset was the weather.  We had very cold, very rainy, very dark May days here in Minnesota, and it kind of put a damper on our outings and time working in the garden but we made do and used the nice days to our advantage.  Grandpa and Grandma Scottish are eager and efficient workers!  They helped us by pulling weeds, cutting branches, and planting flowers and shrubs.



They were eager to help us transform our backyard into something lovely (more on that to come in a future post!) and it was just the push we needed to get working on the outside of our home.  Of course now the big joke is that they won’t want to come back because we put them to work during their vacation, but luckily they are already discussing their next trip to the Twin Cities.

Case in point, I mentioned one day that we want to repaint the exterior of the house in the near future, and that we’ll probably pay someone to do it.  Well, they’ve already added that to the list for next summer, haha.

Two weeks might sound like a long amount of time but it was over all too soon.  And saying goodbye is absolutely gutting (as they say in Scotland) so instead we try to say “see ya later,” and “so long.”  Grandpa and Grandma Scottish wanted to avoid a big fuss (so they left while The Wee One was napping) but I’m an emotional freak so I cried a little.  I can’t help it, I’ll probably cry every single time we part ways because as I mentioned after our trip to Scotland this past October, it’s an added element knowing they are saying goodbye to a grandchild too.  The distance feels so wide sometimes.

Even though many people see their parents/families about once a year and for probably less time than we saw my in-laws, it’s worse because we can’t just hop in the car and get there quickly if need be.  There is a lot of planning, a full day of travel, a six-hour time difference, an expensive flight, and an ocean standing between us.

But we accept all this and we are grateful for the amount of time we do get to spend with them.


It always feels like this, an emotional roller coaster of highs and lows because it’s concentrated but limited quality time.  I don’t deal well with change and the house felt very empty after they left, however, things are back to normal now, and we have tons of great pictures and even better memories!


PS I’m also sad because I now have zero reason to keep scones and pastries in the house every day.  Bah!

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2 Responses to “It Always Feels Like This”

  1. Anita

    Keep them anyway, as I’m sure the Scottish was used to that being the norm when he was growing up. Use that as your excuse!!! Glad they had a good visit, even if you put them to work 😉

    • Stephanie

      Too bad The Scottish doesn’t eat sweets and pastries so I’d be the one taking in all the extra calories! Thanks, yes, it was a great visit!


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