If you own a home you know how projects and renovations usually end up taking longer than expected?  The demise of the black sink was no exception to this rule.  The Scottish, my Dad, and his Dad spent most of a Wednesday working on it.  And when they were done, it was leaking.  Go figure!

The leak (surprisingly) went away on its own, but we were left a bigger unfortunate problem.  I’ll get to that later.

All in all, this was an inexpensive and COMPLETELY worthwhile project.  The sink looks SO much better in white than it did in black, but I’ll let the photos do the talking.

DSC06642Note the gold fixtures on the vanity, we ended replacing those for a more modern look.

And in case you’re new to these parts, the toilet used to be black too but was replaced immediately upon moving in to the house.



The Scottish wanted to do as much of the work himself as possible so he could gain experience for future houses/projects.


We kept the old vanity base which saved us a good deal of money.  Since most of the wood in the house is a yellowish colored oak, it didn’t make sense to replace it when we plan on doing more remodeling to this bathroom down the line.




Oooo, ahhh, looks good right?  🙂

So what was the big problem?  It was actually a mistake, an oversight if you will.  We ordered the wrong sink!  The original black sink was set off to the side (scroll back up to see the difference). The white sink?  Not so much.  The basin is set in the center so it is blocking the route of the top drawer.



That’s all the further it would slide in!

When we were browsing sinks we never found an off-center one in our budget and size and this issue never even crossed our minds.  After realizing our mistake the options were to redo it all and buy a full vanity or leave it for now.  If you can’t tell, we went for option two!

And instead of leaving a gaping hole, the guys took the front piece off the drawer and adhered it to the opening, and no one is the wiser!  Unless you try to pull on it for some toothpaste, then you’re out of luck.  🙂


Now we are one step closer to freeing ourselves of this formerly very dark bathroom!

Super old before photo:


Current bathroom:


We’re making progress!  Next time we update this room, we’ll be getting rid of the black jacuzzi tub and adding a shower (fingers crossed!).

Thanks for reading this installment of Destroy-It-Yourself!  Anyone else working on a home renovation right now?

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8 Responses to “Destroy-It-Yourself: Bye Bye Black Sink”

  1. Kelly G

    oops! live and learn 😉 Looks better, a shower is a must. good job DH!

  2. Susanna Scott

    What an improvement! Should you decide to paint the vanity, you could build in smaller drawer on both sides of the sink.

  3. Katie

    Very nice changes! You are making great progress. Nothing better than classic white in a bathroom. IMO, they shouldn’t make toilets in any other color. 😉

    Too bad about the sink placement, but good workaround solution. I hope you don’t miss the extra drawer space too much!

    • Stephanie

      Exactly, classic and timeless, unlike black bathrooms, haha. I agree, no other toilet colors needed!

      At first I was super annoyed but we’re already used to the less space!


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