Before my in-laws visit I shared with you guys our backyard garden in its current state.  Not pretty in the slightest!


What we didn’t know was that under the layers of weeds and leaves was really awesome, rich soil, perfect for planting!  My FIL literally cleared it out in one afternoon.  It was impressive.

Look at the side by side of what was already cleared and what still needed to be done…


A lovely blank canvas…


So my MIL and I could turn it into this…



It was really fun working with my MIL and picking out shrubs and flowers to plant.  We started by naming each bed, 1 through 5 so we could easily discuss where to place certain things.  The hostas in beds 1 and 5 were from my parent’s church and being given away during a landscaping work day.  I’m excited because next year they will be so big we can cut them in half and replant them in other areas around the house.


Originally we had a fern (also from the church) in the center but a nasty storm took it out (seriously we had the worst weather while they were visiting). Instead of waiting for it to grow back I’ve decided to buy a shorter, brighter shrub for bed number 3.


My MIL has a lovely garden in Scotland and has learned a lot over the years.  It was so great to have her (and my FIL’s) help.  She taught me how to care for the flowers, how to pick ideal plant height, what time of day to water the garden, as well as the difference between perennials and annuals.  Seriously I knew nothing before this!  I also discovered how expensive gardening can be; it costs a lot of money to cover a small space.

Since they’ve left I’m happy to report that I’ve been doing really well keeping up with the watering and maintenance.  Granted, there hasn’t been much to do, but even so, I take off the random dead flower and pull the random weed here and there.  I can’t believe I was originally planning on growing vegetables!  They informed that a vegetable garden is not for beginners, or for people who don’t want to do a lot of work (me), haha.  Our 5 beds are a very manageable sized garden and we are so lucky it was already in place when we bought the house!  In the future I do want to add more color with flowers and shrubs to the rest of the backyard but this is enough for now.


And since my in-laws weeded all around the house, everything looks so much nicer!  It’s great to be less ashamed of our yard!  🙂

PS: If you were wondering what The Scottish was up to while the rest of us were flexing our green thumbs, he was mowing the lawn and/or cutting branches off of trees!  So manly and adorable wearing his baby monitor.  🙂


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