Since I have been posting on very specific topics lately and since I was gone for a while, I thought it would be nice to just chat with you guys for a minute.

How are you?  I’m doing well although I’m currently on day one of the first of two consecutive solo-parenting weekends.  The Scottish is at my brother’s bachelor party this weekend and he’s the Best Man in our Best Man’s wedding in Scotland next weekend (does that make sense?).  The Wee One and I have big plans to keep busy and hang out with family and friends but I’ll be glad when The Scottish is here on a Saturday again so I can have a bit of a break!  It’s exhausting being the only adult (and I’m used to it as a SAHM), but hey, it’s manageable.  Plus, I love hanging out with my son.  🙂

Is everyone excited for summer??  I am.  I love LOVE skirt weather, excuses to eat ice cream, and frankly, I don’t mind sweating as much as some people, haha.  Our summer will be busy but fun.  We have a few weekend trips planned here and there, we’re going camping at the end of June, celebrating The Wee One’s birthday in July, and best of all, my little brother (The Glue) is getting married in August!!

Getting back to the point of this post, let’s rewind a bit and I will update you guys on first Mother’s Day.  Spoiler alert: it was awesome!

The Scottish followed my ideal day (as posted on DH) as closely as possible but I still had to remind him of a few moments because he was trying to go from memory (why??) and just plain forgot.

He did DIY a flower bouquet for me, complete with Dove chocolates, which was incredibly sweet and thoughtful.  I also got THREE cards, one from him, one from The Wee One, and one from sweet McKenna.  My favorite part of the day was the family walk, although the steaks The Scottish made for dinner were a delicious second.  And my alone latte time was perfection as usual.

Here are a few highlights taken with my crappy phone camera.  Sorry Nexus 6, your camera bites!


The Wee One tasted his first strawberry that morning!  It was so funny, he just grabbed it off my plate and started eating it.









Now it’s time for me to get cracking on Father’s Day!  I know exactly what The Scottish wants to do. Sleep til noon. Relax (aka do nothing). Play video games.  Play with his son.  Eat some meat and potato.  Watch a movie with his wife.

I just shared this with him and he said, “yep.”  I know my husband folks.  (mic drop)

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  1. Kelly G

    aWW that was so thoughtful to make that bouquet! Happy belated mommy’s day!! Glad you had a perfect day. YES I love summer too, I’d much rather be hot than cold these days 😉


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