Hi guys!

I realize I didn’t have a post on Monday, but it was intentional.  I was exhausted after four days of taking care of The Wee One, the dog, and the house by myself.  I didn’t feel much like writing to be honest, but there’s another reason I wasn’t super pumped about posting.  It seems the blogosphere gets extremely quiet over the summer.  Every year my daily views take a hit yet once June comes and every year I am shocked by it.  Well, this year I’m taking it as a sign to blog less often and get outside more.  I’ll definitely be around once in a while but this is your heads up that I won’t be posting as frequently as usual.

Thanks for understanding and thank you to those of you who stick around no matter what, you’re the best 🙂

Anyway…  as I’ve mentioned before The Scottish was gone for 7 out of 10 days recently.  Luckily, I was not alone the entire time.  My mother was awesome and spent a whole 24 hours with us including an early morning wake-up play time that is just so brutal when your spouse isn’t around to help you.  We kept busy, saw friends, but overall my little guy and I had LOTS of one-on-one time.  Consequently, he’s been a bit clingy recently. And this SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) is in need of some personal time!  Luckily I have a girl’s night out planned with some mama friends soon!

Despite missing him and the extra work it brings, I’m just grateful that The Scottish does not travel all the time and that he is home most nights, (I know that is not the case for everyone).  The 1.5 hours that The Scottish gets with The Wee One between coming from work and The Wee One going to bed is precious to all of us.

You might think that The Scottish’s absence was hardest on me because of my whining but it wasn’t.  I’m a trooper.  And it wasn’t too terrible for The Wee One either, because he’s too little to understand.  So who had the roughest time?  McKenna.  Our dear, sweet McKenna.

Kenna the hunter

She went on a killing spree, two squirrels in the last two days of his second trip.  One was an albino squirrel that she buried in my garden!!  The other was brought right up to the patio door.  I was horrified as I watched it take its last breaths and then I called my Daddy to come and dispose of it.  YUCK.  I’ll spare you all the photos I took to show The Scottish.

We’ve discovered that McKenna tends to hunt more when she’s anxious or experiencing major life changes.  She first started bringing us squirrels when The Wee One was born.  I told The Scottish he’s not allowed to leave again unless he takes her with him, haha!  We’re going to limit her outside time in the early morning and evenings as that’s when they are out the most, as well as maybe put a bell on her.  McKenna is so fast, she needs to be noisier so the idiot squirrels know she’s coming!

In fun news, The Wee One tried his first (half of a) cookie… oatmeal chocolate chip, homemade by me.  He loved it but seemed a bit too wired afterwards so we won’t be giving him that much sugar again soon!

baby's first cookie

And we discovered he LOVES cantaloupe.  I’m amazed at home much he can scarf down in one sitting.  We give him decent sized chunks and he does really well.


Side note: I’ve been feeling simultaneously blah about life and excited about the summer at the same time.  I want to enjoy this time with my son and my family  I also want to start eating better and cut down on pop again.  I still want to find something artistic to do, and recently something else seemed like a good fit until it wasn’t.  It seems like every door I open ends up shutting in my face.  Gah, sometimes I feel like a fresh-faced graduate again, with so many possibilities ahead and yet so unsure of which path to take.  I’m a bit run down by it all.

My gut is telling me to lay low so my plan is to focus on the good in my life, and take in each moment.  This summer is about listening to The Wee One’s giggle, enjoying the sunshine, being spontaneous, and cherishing the little things.  OK, it’s starting to sound like a Hallmark card in here, time to go!

Have a great week friends!

The next time someone in this household is going to solo-parent it’s gonna be Daddy.  Whoo-hoo!  🙂

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8 Responses to “Long Days and Dead Squirrels”

  1. Anita

    It’s ok to sound like a Hallmark card 😉 But you have a great mindset. Enjoy this summer with the Wee One, when he still want to cuddle and be carried. Next summer, he’ll be walking/running, and you might find yourself chasing him rather than him coming to you. Enjoy his precious youth, he will grow up way to fast!!

  2. Kelly G

    Oh no McKenna LOL – a bell would probably help. I am sorry you can’t find something artistically to do but I know you will find it eventually – can’t hold this girl down! 🙂 hit me up if u want to meet up for coffee or a walk or something with the wee one

  3. Margy

    Sounds like you def need some me time! Glad you have a girls night out planned. I can imagine being a SHM is as delightful as it is draining. Are there any little hobbies or activities that you can do for just you? Like coloring, painting, meditating… I dunno, stuff like that. Something to feed your creative soul.

    Poor McKenna! She’s looks so pitiful in that pic. 😉 Lucky you to receive such a lovely gift of dying squirrels. 🙂

    • Stephanie

      Hmm, writing is my only solitary artistic hobby, otherwise I like to be with other people. I don’t care for knitting or crafting but maybe I need to give something like that a try? Ooo coloring would be fun! Painting is too messy for me, haha. I won’t do that until the wee one can too!

      Haha she IS so pitiful. It’s endearing.

  4. Kelly J

    Enjoy your summer, Steph! Can’t wait to hear all about your adventures. I love that McKenna doesn’t run away from the camera anymore!



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