Wow, The Wee One is becoming such a BIG BOY.  Although he seems to be growing up and less out as he weighs the same as last month (based on our crude scale anyway).  We’ve also received comments that he is thinning out or that his face looks thinner, which has to be because he is constantly moving!  It definitely isn’t because he’s eating less, haha.

The Wee One LOVES pointing at things and he’s started waving to people.  He also “gives hugs” which means he lays his head down on your shoulder or tilts it to the side.  In verbal news, it’s beginning to sound like he’s saying “pup” when he points at McKenna.  First word?  Grandma and Grandpa MN are convinced but we’re undecided.

He also has this pose that he does when you stop him in his crawling tracks, I call it “the merman.”  He leans to the side on one arm and sometimes he flutters his legs back and forth, it’s pretty stinking cute.
merman collage

The Wee One is beginning to understand more of what we are saying to him which is extremely helpful, especially when he actually listens and stops doing something he’s not supposed to be doing!  He still loves to scream-cry when something is taken from him and he enjoys going back to the blinds time after time just to get attention from us (we’re on to you kid!), but distraction is still working as our main disciplinary tool.

Recently he likes to pretend to comb his hair when given a pick or a brush, and he is starting to perform the actions to his favorite songs (like the one about a lady bug).  It’s adorable.  I can’t believe his birthday is next month!  Everybody says the first year flies by, and in many ways it did, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t cherish every step and milestone.

Speaking of milestones, three weeks ago we started swimming lessons.  It did NOT go well.

swimming lesson first day

He cried through the first 30 minute class and cried slightly less through the second one.  The third class is later today but my expectations are now at an appropriate place.  I was sad at first and found it really difficult to sing songs and focus on movements while simultaneously holding my anxious, sweet boy and keeping a smile on my face.  I guess I assumed that because he loves the bath, he’d love the pool just as much, but I think the situation is entirely too stimulating and it’s scary to have your ears, face, and body dipped in the water.

His teacher did tell us that he’s not the worst case she’s seen AND because he started off in tears, we’ll likely see the most improvement.  Swim lessons go until the end of August so there is a lot of time for change!  And we might even send Daddy in with him for a week or two!

swimming lesson first day two

The nice part is that our class is small, just The Wee One and another little guy, and they heat the water to a warm 91 degrees, perfect for a water wuss like myself.  🙂

This time around we were better prepared for the photo shoot.  I cleverly chose the Elephant and Piggie book, “I Love My New Toy!” for this month because then we could give him a fun, light up, singing toy to hold while The Scottish snapped away.  Unfortunately he still wanted that darn sticker but at least we were able to get in good shots here and there.

Month Stats

Biggest Accomplishments This Month:

stairs and slow walking with a walker (baby)

solo-parenting (mom)

being firm with whining/crying (dad)

Biggest Struggles This Month:

nap times (baby)

nursing pain, not again! (mom)

being away from home (dad)




Dislikes: Being in the water at the pool, getting out of the water after bath time (he’s a complicated fellow), nap time (some days), getting sunscreen put on.

Likes: Cantaloupe, “petting” McKenna, clapping, being held by Mommy, watching lamps go “on” and “off,” shoving all the food into his mouth at once, playing peekaboo and “I’m gonna get you!”

Doesn’t Mind: Dairy (he’s recently tried cheese and yogurt), car rides, and his play yard.


The Scottish and I have figured out a way to get genuine smiles out of The Wee One during photo shoots, we fake sneeze.  Works like a charm!


I love these photos of The Scottish and The Wee One.  They both have such beautiful smiles!



Upwards Facing Family Selfie:

Siblings will be siblings… luckily McKenna is SUPER gentle and tolerable with The Wee One.  Unlike her relationship with the squirrels.


Next month is a biggie, The Wee One turns a year old and we’re having professional photographs taken to commemorate it!  This time last year I was hugely pregnant with swollen ankles and anxious about giving birth.  Oh and we were about to go camping, remember?

This year I’m relatively normal sized (for me), my ankles look great, and I’m planning my kiddo’s first birthday party.  However, we are going camping again, this coming weekend in fact!  It’ll be The Wee One’s first time in the pop-up tent camper.  And since he’s crawling and we’ll be outside most of the day, this could be interesting.  I will definitely report back with how it goes!  🙂

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  1. Jenn

    I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again, he is too stinkin’ cute!! That smile is adorable!

  2. Kelly J

    He is so dang cute. Dying over that smile. I can’t believe he’s one. He is getting so big (make him stop!!). 😉

  3. Kelly G

    LOVE the smiley pics!! So adorbs. He’s getting so big! He will be a water baby before you know it 😉


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