Updating Our Play Set

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Today’s post is about a redwood stain.  (I know, you can barely hold your excitement back!)  😉  I am sharing this because I’m pleasantly surprised at how a single home improvement update has changed the look of our backyard so dramatically. When we bought this house in May of 2014, it came with a play set in the backyard.  It’s nothing fancy, your typical slide, plus rings, complete with big kid and little kid swings and a lofted area.  We’ve always known it needed a good stain but Read more […]

It’s Not What You See, It’s How You Look At It

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football football

The Cuz Man is sporting a new look.  Back in June he was fitted for his cranial cap (or helmet as most people refer to it), and he has been wearing it since early July. I might have mentioned before that parents are instructed to put sleeping babies on their backs these days, the phrase being, “Back is Best!”  Well, the good news is that SIDS numbers are dropping (yay), but the bummer news is kids with flat heads or plagiocephaly are becoming more common. The Cuz Man was born with torticollis Read more […]

The Wee One: First Birthday Party!

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Hi friends! We had The Wee One’s party last weekend and it was a whirlwind of fun.  Everyone said they had a great time which makes me so happy.  I planned ahead and spent quite a bit of time crafting the decorations, setting the menu, and even buying favors for all the kiddo guests.  We had balloons, cupcakes, and tons of food.  The party was from 11-1 PM, right in between The Wee One’s two naps.  I figured since I always have more food than I really need when I host I might as well plan Read more […]

Celebrating The Fourth at The Lake

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Hello!  I know this is a belated update but hey, it’s not too belated.  Besides being late it’s also going to be a weak update with minimal commentary.  What can I say?  I’m busy!  The Wee One’s birthday party is this coming weekend (so I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut off, in a good way of course) and The Glue/The Tape’s wedding is coming up in early August which means meetings and fittings and timelines (I’m there coordinator person).  Plus my nanny family will be Read more […]

(Not Very Much) Sleeping Outside: Adventures in Camping

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So I promised I’d update on how camping went down this year… and here it is. I’ve come to the conclusion that sleeping outside for fun is just plain stupid!  There is no toilet nearby, no kitchen, no night lights, nor a way to control the temperature.  There is an excessive amount of NOISE from other campers and wildlife and that wildlife includes bugs, bears, and raccoons.  It’s always damp when you wake up even if it hasn’t rained and if it storms, oh if it storms, you convince yourself Read more […]