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We had The Wee One’s party last weekend and it was a whirlwind of fun.  Everyone said they had a great time which makes me so happy.  I planned ahead and spent quite a bit of time crafting the decorations, setting the menu, and even buying favors for all the kiddo guests.  We had balloons, cupcakes, and tons of food.  The party was from 11-1 PM, right in between The Wee One’s two naps.  I figured since I always have more food than I really need when I host I might as well plan his party over lunch and serve people filling food instead of heavy snacks that are practically lunch anyway.  It was a fast two hours and the morning before the party felt EXTREMELY hectic but I’d do it all again for my son.  I am thinking about a smaller gathering for birthday #2.  🙂


The Mother was in charge of the fruit and made this awesome watermelon airplane!



The Sister was delegated the task of sugar cookies in cloud and airplane shapes and boy did she deliver, aren’t they fun?


The Scottish offered up his skills as well and designed airport signs for me to place around the house as well as adorable cupcake toppers that I taped to toothpicks.  None of the bakeries near us had a standard airplane themed cake (just the Disney version) and I prefer the ease of a individual cupcake anyway so that’s what we ordered.  They turned out so cute and were delicious too (Sam’s Club for the win)!


party signsI wanted to display his month by month photos at the party and chose to go the clothespins route.  It’s hard to see in these pictures but it was a great way for guests to look back on The Wee One’s first year.



We were blessed with amazing weather and guests flowed easily between the great room and the backyard.





The good thing about an earlier party time is the rest of the day is free to bask in the glow of being done.  Sure, there’s clean up, but there is still a lot of the day left to enjoy!

The Wee One wore a special onesie (that he also wore for his 12 month photo shoot) and looked very handsome!


Because I was busy hosting, the day went by in a blur and was a lot less emotional than I had anticipated it being.  The Wee One’s actual birthday was Wednesday, July 22nd and I definitely felt some intense maternal feelings on that day.  On the one hand, it’s amazing watching him grow and change, on the other hand, I hate how fast it’s all happening and I miss each stage as it passes.

I can’t believe The Wee One has been in our family for a whole year.  He’s held my heart for 365 days.  He’s given me the title of mother for 52 weeks.  He’s been my son for 12 months.  12 beautiful months.



The Wee One did NOT eat his birthday cake!  He touched it, he threw it around, he smeared it on his face, but he did not eat it!  Even when I put some frosting up to his lips he recoiled.  (This was his second attempt at a smash cake, the first being at his 12 month photos.  Both times were met with similar results.)  Since his party, we have tried a Cold Stone Creamery cake and he did try a few bites!


Overall, the day went wonderfully.  I have more to say about this milestone as well as photos to share from Como Zoo (which is where we went on the actual day), but I’ll sign off for now.  Have a great weekend everybody!!

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  1. CoCo

    AWWWW! These photos make me feel all warm and gooey! What a wonderful looking party. 😀

  2. Margy

    Happy 1st birthday, Wee One! And happy birthing day to you! Looks like a fun party and love all the decor. Good job! 🙂


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