The Cuz Man is sporting a new look.  Back in June he was fitted for his cranial cap (or helmet as most people refer to it), and he has been wearing it since early July.

I might have mentioned before that parents are instructed to put sleeping babies on their backs these days, the phrase being, “Back is Best!”  Well, the good news is that SIDS numbers are dropping (yay), but the bummer news is kids with flat heads or plagiocephaly are becoming more common.

The Cuz Man was born with torticollis or a condition in which the head becomes persistently turned to one side.  He’s been in physical therapy for it and one of the side effects has been a severe flat spot on one side of his head.

The Wee One started to get his flat spot a little before 2 months old, and while we did our best to keep him off the back of his head during the day, it only started rounding out when he began tummy sleeping around 4 months.  We were never recommended for a helmet because his flat spot kept improving and was also very symmetrical in the center of his head.  The Cuz Man’s flat spot is asymmetrical and The Sister and The BIL made the tough but smart decision to go for a cranial cap.

We’ve all seen children wearing a helmet, right?  They are pretty common.  As a parent you want to do what’s best for your kiddo even though it might not be the most adorable thing to wear (spoiler: it’s actually REALLY cute on The Cuz Man). It’s not easy to see your kid wearing his helmet in the heat of summer when he’s already a hot little body.

When your child is in a helmet it leads to lots of questions from strangers as well as comments and stories from other well-meaning parents.  Many people have told my sister and her husband how The Cuz Man looked like this person or that person, so they decided to embrace the ideas and showcase his helmet.

They started posing The Cuz Man in different ways to show off the many possible looks.  The result?  Amazing, memorable photos of their son absolutely ROCKING his cap.

Football Player
footballProfessional Skier

professional skier

Synchronized Swimmer

synchronized swimmer

Construction Worker

construction worker

Bike Messenger

Bike Messenger

I know I’m biased because he’s my nephew but tell me, are you dying from all the cuteness right now?  The Cuz Man is at a great age for all these styled shoots and I can’t wait to see what else they come up with!  Any suggestions for them?  What do YOU see?

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8 Responses to “It’s Not What You See, It’s How You Look At It”

  1. Kim

    Those pictures are adorable and such a great idea! His helmet will turn into a great memory. Did you know that Myles had a helmet? From May-August so right through summer too. But they do great even in the heat -better than Mom and Dad! And we got so many comments when we were out and about..but mostly positive or just inquisitive as I don’t remember anyone saying anything hurtful about it. I bought decals online with his name and puppy paw prints to decorate it.

    • Stephanie

      I do remember that Myles had a helmet too! Yea, having it in the summer is tough. I think most of their comments have been inquisitive and positive too. That is a cute idea to decorate it!

  2. Rachel

    I’ve seen more and more babies with these – but hadn’t seen a stylized photo shoot before! So cute!!!



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