Today’s post is about a redwood stain.  (I know, you can barely hold your excitement back!)  😉  I am sharing this because I’m pleasantly surprised at how a single home improvement update has changed the look of our backyard so dramatically.

When we bought this house in May of 2014, it came with a play set in the backyard.  It’s nothing fancy, your typical slide, plus rings, complete with big kid and little kid swings and a lofted area.  We’ve always known it needed a good stain but after we moved in we had a baby, life got busy, and then it was winter, and well, you get the idea.

When this summer came around I knew I wanted to refresh the play set before The Wee One’s first birthday party, because, having a lot of people over is truly the best kick in the pants to get things done around the home.  If you haven’t had people over in a while, give it a try, plan a party and see what you end up fixing before the big day!

The Mother and I picked two dates in early July to attempt our project. The first one it rained, but the second one was a wonderful, sunny day.  PERFECT!  I’d even bought the stain ahead of time, unfortunately I got a semi-transparent.  It was so thin and goopy that it didn’t cover much.  The Mother explained you only use a transparent or semi-transparent stain when you have nice wood underneath you want to showcase.  Umm, not so much in our situation, we needed to cover it up!


The Mother went to the store and came back with a beautiful color called redwood.  I guess she’d always pictured it in red.

After sanding all morning (The Mother took this on while we were at our 12 month photo shoot) and painting all afternoon (we had to tag team a bit once The Wee One woke up from his nap), we had completed the entire play set!







See what a difference it made?  It’s hard to tell in the photos, but I swear even the grass looks greener next to the fresh stain.  I love the vibrant redwood color and the play set was enjoyed at The Wee One’s birthday party just like I had imagined.

The only problem is now the patio wood looks dingy and old in comparison.  Isn’t that how it works?  Once you redo one thing, it makes other imperfections look worse.  Add it to the list!

Have you made any summer improvements to your home?

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