Cradling the Future in My Arms

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The Wee One caught a small cold last week. His nose has been pretty runny and he has a cough too.  Always the trooper, he’s been in mostly good spirits and sleeping pretty well for being sick. This past weekend he went down for his second nap as usual around 2 PM.  He woke up crying and upset at 3 PM so I went in and scooped him up.  I took him into my bedroom and we laid down together, his head on my shoulder, seemingly still tired but I could hear McKenna pawing at the patio door to come Read more […]

Pacifier Weaning

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DSC05169 DSC05169

It’s not fair, I know, but the truth is pacifier weaning was easy for us.  Maybe it’s all the horror stories people tell or the fact that doctors warn you a pacifier can affect your child’s teeth placement, but whatever the reason, we were dreading it and ended up happily surprised. Background Info After The Wee One was born we waited 4 weeks to start using pacifiers (or dummies for our UK crowd) to avoid nipple confusion (although I bet we could have started earlier and I’m sure it would Read more […]

12 Month Photo Shoot Starring The Wee One

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ONE! (6 of 101) ONE! (6 of 101)

Guys, I am so in LOVE with these photos and I’m so excited to share them with you today.  Truthfully, it was a stretch for us to find room in our budget for professional photographs this summer.  Summer time gets so expensive, doesn’t it?  But I will treasure these memories forever and I do not regret taking them at all.  While The Scottish has done a great job with our previous month photo shoots, i wanted all three of us together for a change! Plus, we absolutely love working with our Read more […]

My Emotional Mini-Me

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annoyed face annoyed face

The thing about being a parent is you suddenly have this person-sized mirror in which to see yourself through and often times you see traits in them that remind you of yourself, both the good and not-so-good ones. The Wee One is a passionate guy.  That is what I always say anyway.  Sure, he is a normal toddler (that feels weird to write, my baby is a toddler!) whose lack of verbal skills and coping mechanisms make it hard for him to control his feelings. It’s completely normal for him to Read more […]

Small Change, Big Difference

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ear plugs ear plugs

Hi everybody!  Oh, I have missed you guys and this space.  We’ve been going non-stop recently because this past weekend we were in Chicago and this past week my nanny kiddos stayed with us.  But my crazy summer of travel, guests, and 3 (yes THREE) weddings in a row has passed and I’m looking forward to a slightly slower pace for the next few weeks. This also means more time for blogging!  I have so many topics I want to share, I just need the time to sit down and write. So what is my Read more […]

My Little Brother is Married!

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first look first look

The Glue married his love, The Tape, this past Friday in a beautiful ceremony at Centennial Lakes Park here in the Twin Cities.  The happy couple is off on their honeymoon, a two-week road trip to Portland and all the stress of wedding planning is over.  Yay!  Isn’t the last week always the craziest? I was in charge of their timeline as well as day of coordination, The Scottish was an usher, and The Sister and The BIL did all the music and technology pieces for the ceremony and reception.  The Read more […]

The Wee One: Twelve Months

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DSC09130 DSC09130

This isn’t going to be a typical month update post.  I’m going to free flow the format and say what’s on my mind.  There won’t be any 12 month sticker photos because we decided to skip our DIY photo shoot in lieu of the professional photo session we had with our photographer Annie.  (PS: I can’t wait to post those pics!) First, the current struggle in our life.  The Wee One has always been a pretty good and consistent sleeper, and don’t get me wrong, we are grateful for those hours between Read more […]