This isn’t going to be a typical month update post.  I’m going to free flow the format and say what’s on my mind.  There won’t be any 12 month sticker photos because we decided to skip our DIY photo shoot in lieu of the professional photo session we had with our photographer Annie.  (PS: I can’t wait to post those pics!)

First, the current struggle in our life.  The Wee One has always been a pretty good and consistent sleeper, and don’t get me wrong, we are grateful for those hours between 7 PM (his bedtime) and 10 PM (our bedtime) when The Wee One is sleeping soundly, but recently he’s been getting up CRAZY early in the mornings.  His average is around 5:45 AM but sometimes it’s as early as 5:30 and sometimes we’re lucky and get to sleep in until 6:10.  (groan)  As much as I’m a morning person, functioning before 6 AM is not easy.

We try to let him CIO (cry it out) until 6 AM most days but sometimes he seems too distraught.  We’re not sure what changed, because he used to sleep 7 to 7, although that was many months ago.  His bedtime has remained consistent (aside from a few late nights here and there), but his wake-up time has been getting earlier and earlier.  AHH!  The Scottish thinks his sleep has been bad since going camping at the end of June.  We know he’s been teething as well and with so many milestones coming up, I’m sure it’s only a phase.  I know from my experience as a nanny that every new pattern is a phase, the good and the not-so-good ones!

Perhaps once he starts walking or talking he’ll need more sleep?  I love the analogy I learned from my new mama class.  We should look at a child’s growth and development like a slingshot, sometimes they have to go backwards before they can propel forward into a new skill.

Something new and fun we’ve introduced is TV time!  I realize that everyone approaches this parenting topic differently and this is not a comment on anyone else, but simply, our decision when it comes to our child watching TV.  Somehow we managed to go 12 months without screen time (mostly anyway).  He has recently started playing a bubble game on my phone and has watched the random Youtube kid’s video here and there.  Plus, I do have the TV on in the background some mornings, but he rarely watches it.  At a year old, I decided it was time for a big kid show on the big TV.  The Scottish and I were both busy with housework the other day so it was the perfect opportunity.  I set The Wee One up in his chair with a blanket and some pretzels.

tv time two

The lawn chair (which we mostly use indoors) is from The Glue and The Tape, and The Wee One looks so cute sitting in it.

Well, the cuteness didn’t last.  Soon, he was going up to the TV and touching it, which unfortunately, is nothing new.  So The Scottish got out his old baby seat so he could strap him in.  Yes, you heard right, we forced our child to watch television!  How terrible!  🙂

tv time

Oh look, he’s not even watching the screen.  (sigh)  It’s a work in progress but I very much look forward to the day where a TV show will entertain him for 10, 15 minutes at a time.

Now I need to tell you guys all the wonderful things about The Wee One.  I get that I’m biased but he is amazing, truly amazing.  He is kind, fun, and affectionate.  He gives snuggles, hugs, and kisses.  He laughs and giggles and smiles at everyone from family to the person behind us in the checkout line at Target.  He holds up one finger when you ask him how old he is (adorable).  He waves bye-bye.  He gives high fives!

He listens to directions (and ignores them even when he knows what we’re saying).  He eats almost everything, in fact, he rarely stops eating!  Some days I run out of food!  He can stand on his own but is still hesitant to walk without a coffee table or a hand to hold.  He talks, he screams, he babbles, all LOUDLY with his lovely voice.  He plays independently for small increments of time and loves looking at books.  He is charming and silly and a total joy to be around.

Enough gushing?  OK, OK.  I’ll stop… for now.  Here are some photos from his actual birthday!

We went to the Como Zoo in St. Paul.  My nanny family was in town and we also met up with The Sister, The Cuz Man, The Glue, and The Mother.  It was a group play date!








How about a few 12 month stats?

The Wee One was weighed at his well check-up appointment and came in at 22 lbs 13 ounces.  He’s in the 90 percentile for height (wow!), and he did awesome with the finger prick and vaccination shots.  Mommy, however, left the room.  No sense having my nervous energy in there with him and Daddy.  🙂

The Wee One is getting his molars!  In the past month we’ve noticed he has one in each corner of his mouth, or two on top, and two on the bottom.

His hair, while thin and blonde, is beginning to look shaggy enough that he might need a haircut in the near future.  And recently, there’s been some debate on the color of his eyes.  My family believes them to be brown (umm no), my FIL guessed blue, and The Scottish and I call them a dark hazel.  The Scottish wants to get a good close-up of The Wee One’s eyes at some point to settle this debate once and for all!

I can’t believe my son is not a baby anymore.  Look at this side by side of The Wee One.  The right photo shows him minutes after being born on July 22nd, 2014, and the left photo shows him minutes after waking up on July 22nd, 2015.

one year later

What a difference 12 months make!  It’s been one crazy year full of ups and downs but mostly really good things and tons of special moments.  All thanks to this sweet boy.  I feel so blessed to have such a lovely family and as I tell my son every night before bed, he is the best thing in my world.

Happy birthday Wee One!  Mommy and Daddy love you!!

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  1. The Glue

    I can’t help but think The Wee One would look twice as awesome as he already is if he had his own Tottenham jersey!


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