The Glue married his love, The Tape, this past Friday in a beautiful ceremony at Centennial Lakes Park here in the Twin Cities.  The happy couple is off on their honeymoon, a two-week road trip to Portland and all the stress of wedding planning is over.  Yay!  Isn’t the last week always the craziest?

I was in charge of their timeline as well as day of coordination, The Scottish was an usher, and The Sister and The BIL did all the music and technology pieces for the ceremony and reception.  The four of us were also dressed in the bridesmaid/groomsmen outfits and included in all the wedding party photos.  Plus, we had our kiddos to think about.  It was definitely a stressful day.  Yet it’s all worth it when you see the bride and groom having a wonderful time.

I have to say, it was fun to get all dressed up again in hair and makeup and a fancy dress.  (My mom uniform is pretty boring these days.)

my look

Luckily I had quality care helping with The Wee One during the day and everything turned out really well with only a few minor hiccups.  That is a successful wedding in my book!  🙂

The Glue and The Tape met at the Stone Arch Bridge to get first look and wedding party photos.  Here’s a behind the scenes pic.

first look

If you’ve followed me since my Weddingbee days you know The Sister and I got married three months apart.  (EEEK!)  Now that our little brother has tied the knot and all three of us are married, I’ve been reminiscing about my wedding day and the similarities and differences between each of our special days.

For the record, I (100%) LOVED each of our weddings and this is a fun comparison now because that stage of our life has passed.  I find it interesting to look back.


I was 29.

The Sister was 28.

The Glue will be 27.

These numbers especially interesting because our parents were high school sweethearts who got married at 21/22.  There’s no perfect age, right?  Just the perfect person for YOU.

Days and time of ceremony

Me- Saturday at 4 PM

Sister- Sunday at 11:30 AM

Brother- Friday at 6:30 PM

We somehow hit the whole weekend, haha!


Ours were eggplant, ivory, forest green, brown, and some black.  (Basically nothing I would have ever picked until I met my Scottish husband and we designed a kilt for our wedding.)

Sister- bright blue, bright pink, and bright yellow

Brother- coral, gold, and navy

All so different but all beautiful!


We served a yummy plated meal of chicken, potatoes, and veggies. Standard wedding fare.

The Sister provided a lovely croissant sandwich and soup luncheon.

The Glue served up a delicious Qdoba taco bar.


The Scottish and I had a handfasting.

The Sister and The BIL tied a God’s knot.

The Glue and The Tape signed their marriage license in front of their guests.

In my humble opinion, all are super creative and personal ideas!

In similarities, we all had our weddings at a one stop shop venue with the ceremony and reception in one location.  Guests loved the convenience and so did we!  Another interesting fact, that despite being brought up in a very religious household and despite The Sister and I having a relationship with God currently, none of us were married in church.  See convenience again for the reason.  🙂

Another way our weddings rocked was the epic dance party that ended the night!  We had a Ceilidh band at ours as well as a DJ and my siblings both used an IPOD DJ, but we all had a ton of fun on the dance floor!

Most importantly, we all got to share the day with our closest family and friends and celebrate love, relationships, and new beginnings.  That is what weddings are all about and that’s why I love them so much.

I will definitely be sharing more photos when the professional ones come back, so get excited for those!  But for now, congrats to my brother and new sister-in-law!  I’m so incredibly happy for you both.

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  1. Kelly G

    SO happy for the Glue! Congrats to him and the tape! And wow you look stunning Stephanie! Can’t wait to see the prof pics 😉

  2. Kelly J

    You look GORGEOUS in that selfie! I loved the comparison between all the siblings wedding stats. Fun stuff. 😀


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